Multifactor Authentication and User Identification

Don’t Just Authenticate, Identify…

with Sovay by Veritrix

The external agent poses the biggest threat to your data; they have access and knowledge, and some have a will to steal.  The insider is the biggest challenge; falling prey to a hacker’s scheme or willingly participating.

To identify a person, you must have:

Introducing Sovay

Sovay thwarts man-in-the-middle and replay attacks leaving the malicious insider no way to deflect blame, no way for the negligent insider to authenticate for someone else. Logging in on a client machine means that the user is at that machine; we thwart the user willfully or accidentally sending login credentials to the “man in the middle”.  Identifying the user means that the physical person is identified; we thwart replays so insiders can’t give their credentials to anyone.

Single Point Access Management for the Enterprise

Patented Multichannel, Multifactor Authentication technology provides the highest assurance authentication available. Users are prompted to repeat an unpredictable phrase unique to each login.  The Sovay Server evaluates what the subject said and verifies the subject said it. The five-factor real-time authentication is fast and simple to use.  Just face your commodity webcam and microphone, speak the response to your prompt and Sovay real-time authentication will verify your identity.  An audio/video log is created for each login attempt.

No authentication is secure in the presence of a successful man-in-the-middle attack.  Sovay verifies communications is secure between the authenticating user and the Sovay Server.  There is no way the malicious insider can blame the web, no way the negligent insider can get trapped in deception and no way an accident results in a successful Sovay authentication.

Since Sovay doesn’t depend on static data like passwords or devices like tokens and smartcards there is nothing to bring, copy or lose; except yourself. Even recordings of previous logins won’t help hackers; every login requires a unique Random Authenticating Phrase (RAP) to be spoken at login. Authenticate anywhere there is a microphone or webcam available.

Biometric User Authentication, User Authentication, Identification Technology, Authentication Software

If you’d like to experience Sovay Multichannel, Multifactor Authentication firsthand, request a Test Drive. We’ll contact you and get you started with enrollment and login.

Sovay Server can front-end all of your externally available applications. One point, one valve.

Sovay Server implements Broad Spectrum Authentication spanning from passwords to Sovay real-time authentication with on demand step-up capabilities.  Installed on your firewall, Sovay Server can front-end your applications.  Deployed as a cloud service, applications can access authentication services of Sovay Server. Use Sovay as your Web Access Management (WAM) authentication or configure Sovay to authenticate for your installed solution.

If you’ve logged in with two-factor, strong or didn’t pass all of the Sovay Authentication tests, our step-up authentication will re-authenticate you at the required level. Sovay clients negotiate the best authentication using its sophisticated contextual evaluation of the application requirements, available equipment, communications conditions and much more.

Secure Your Identity with Veritrix

Veritrix provides live biometrics sampling using inexpensive commodity hardware. The solution reduces cost, simplifies deployment, relieves administration and achieves positive physical identification. Sovay plugs and plays with multiple “best of breed”biometrics technologies to identify the user. Without positive verification of identity, authentication is really just a dangerous guess.

Sovay Identification: Always with You, It is You.

Biometric User Authentication, User Authentication, Identification Technology, Authentication Software
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