Can I collect my TraceTogether token?

Yes, you can collect on behalf of your family and friends from any nearby Community Centres. Please remember to bring along their government-issued ID and have their mobile number on hand as the Token is tagged individually to each user. Kindly ensure each Token is labelled at point of issuance to avoid any mix up.

Can I collect my TraceTogether token anywhere?

Residents who are collecting a Token for the first time can do so at any Community Centre/Club. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents can request for the Token to be delivered by post via ( (for first-time issuance only).

Do we need to collect TraceTogether token?

While it is not mandatory to collect the token, everyone who wants a token will be issued one. Here are some things you need to know about the contact tracing devices.

Can work permit holder collect TraceTogether token?

Your work pass holders should collect the TraceTogether token if they do not have one. For work pass holders who stay in Purpose Built Dormitories ( PBDs ), they can contact their dormitory operators directly, and the dormitory operators will arrange with MOM FAST Team for their collection of tokens.

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Can TraceTogether token be used now?

Visitors can currently still use the TraceTogether app on devices and their tokens, and scan their NRICs to check in at venues. Those with older phones can also scan the SafeEntry codes with the Singpass mobile app or phone cameras.

What happens if I lost my TraceTogether token?

If you have lost your Token, the first replacement is free but subsequent replacements are chargeable at $9 per Token. Replacement of lost Tokens can only be done at community centres/clubs. Payment can be made via PayNow, EZ-link, Nets Flashpay, Mastercard, VISA, JCB, and Union Pay.

Where can I exchange a TraceTogether token?

You may also replace your TraceTogether Token at 132 vending machines (as of Sep 2021) placed in shopping malls and community centres. Most of the vending machines are placed in public areas and operate 24 hours (with exception of those placed inside buildings).

How do I return a TraceTogether token?

If you’re using the TraceTogether Token: You’d need to return the physical Token to us. Email with the email subject ‘TOKEN: De-registration from TraceTogether’, and we’ll let you know how to return the Token.

Can TraceTogether token fit in Airpod case?

Yes, TraceTogether tokens can fit into a first-generation AirPods case.

Does TraceTogether work without Bluetooth?

You can disable TraceTogether’s functionality any time by turning Bluetooth off or by pausing the App from the option in your home screen (currently only for Android). We will not be able to help notify you quickly of possible exposure to COVID-19 during this period when your App isn’t working.

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Does TraceTogether drain battery?

The app uses about 1MB of data in a day, which is equivalent to the data used by watching 1 second of a high definition movie, and consumes only marginally more battery than phones that already have Bluetooth enabled.

Do I still need to SafeEntry with TraceTogether token?

We would like to explain that for TraceTogether Token, similar to SafeEntry with NRIC, check-out is encouraged but not mandatory. … If your SafeEntry records indicate that you have possible exposure to COVID-19, the Ministry of Health will inform you via SMS and/or call, depending on the level of risk.