Can I leave my TraceTogether token at home?

Please refer to our Privacy Statement here for more information. The Token is designed to be convenient, light and easy to use. It can fit easily into a bag or be attached to a lanyard. Users are also reminded to carry their Tokens with them whenever they leave their homes.

Does TraceTogether token track location?

Like the App, the Token only captures proximity data via Bluetooth technology and does not capture GPS / geolocation data. The Token does not have internet / cellular connectivity. This Bluetooth data is stored only on the Token, and data for longer than 25 days is automatically deleted from your device.

Do I need to collect TraceTogether token if I have the app?

If you are already using the TraceTogether App i.e. keeping the App open in the background and keeping Bluetooth on, you do not need the TraceTogether Token 🙂 You only need either one of them, to get notified quickly if you’ve been a close contact of a COVID-19 case.

Can TraceTogether token be switched off?

TraceTogether is designed for contact tracing. Once contact tracing ceases, you will be prompted to disable the functionality of the TraceTogether App or return/dispose of the Token. … For the App, you can also disable its functionality any time by turning the App’s Bluetooth permissions off or deleting the App.

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Can I still use TraceTogether app instead of token?

The TraceTogether Token has the same Bluetooth contact tracing function as the TraceTogether App. You can still get a TraceTogether Token if you prefer, but you only need to use either the App or the Token. … If you’re using the App, remember to keep your app in the background and keep Bluetooth turned on.

Will TraceTogether work if Bluetooth is off?

You can disable TraceTogether’s functionality any time by turning Bluetooth off or by pausing the App from the option in your home screen (currently only for Android). We will not be able to help notify you quickly of possible exposure to COVID-19 during this period when your App isn’t working.

Does TraceTogether drain battery?

The app uses about 1MB of data in a day, which is equivalent to the data used by watching 1 second of a high definition movie, and consumes only marginally more battery than phones that already have Bluetooth enabled.

Does TraceTogether token replace Safeentry?

You can use the TraceTogether Token to check in to SE at premises equipped with QR code scanners. For premises without QR code scanners, you can continue to check-in either by scanning the SE QR code using your phone, or by presenting your NRIC. …

Can I use TraceTogether app without Internet?

This main function of the TraceTogether App does not need continuous internet connectivity to function. However, it does require Wi-Fi or data connection once a week (every 7 days), to retrieve new temporary IDs from the server, which protects you from malicious tracking.


What is the difference between TraceTogether app and token?

Both the App and Token use Bluetooth signals to detect and record encounters with other TraceTogether devices around it. … While some prefer the convenience of having the App on the phone, there are others without compatible smartphones. The Token therefore allows us to extend coverage to a greater number of people.

Can TraceTogether token fit in Airpod case?

Yes, TraceTogether tokens can fit into a first-generation AirPods case.

Can work permit holder collect TraceTogether token?

Your work pass holders should collect the TraceTogether token if they do not have one. For work pass holders who stay in Purpose Built Dormitories ( PBDs ), they can contact their dormitory operators directly, and the dormitory operators will arrange with MOM FAST Team for their collection of tokens.

How long does the token battery last?

The Token’s battery is expected to last 4 to 6 months and is non-rechargeable. You can visit any Community Centre/Club (CC) to replace your Token when the battery is low. This is indicated by a red blinking light on your Token. If the Token is functioning properly, you should see a green blinking light.