Can I replace a TraceTogether token?

Singapore residents aged 7 years and above may collect a new TraceTogether token or replace faulty or out-of-battery ones (it has a battery life of 4 to 6 months) free of charge. Note: Those who have lost their TraceTogether token can get a replacement token without charges for the first time.

Where can I replace my TraceTogether token?

Where can I go to replace my Token? You can go to a Token vending machine located at selected malls and Community Centres/Clubs for a free replacement. You can also visit a TraceTogether Token counter operating at the Community Centres/Clubs. Please check for the latest operating hours.

What if I lost my safe entry token?

If you have lost your Token, the first replacement will be free. A fee will be charged for subsequent replacements of lost Tokens. Please bring along your family members’ personal IDs if you are helping to replace Tokens on their behalf. GET YOUR TOKEN REPLACED AT ANY CC IF IT HAS RUN OUT OF BATTERY!

How do I return a TraceTogether token?

If you’re using the TraceTogether Token: You’d need to return the physical Token to us. Email with the email subject ‘TOKEN: De-registration from TraceTogether’, and we’ll let you know how to return the Token.

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How do I change my bank token battery?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the DBS token battery all by yourself; even the bank officer cannot do it for you. The only option is to submit a token (Secure Device) replacement in order to get your new token.

What is token exchange?

A token exchange response is a normal OAuth 2.0 response from the token endpoint with a few additional parameters defined herein to provide information to the client. The entity that makes the request to exchange tokens is considered the client in the context of the token exchange interaction.

How long does TraceTogether token battery last?

Remember to check the light indicator on your #TraceTogether Token to ensure that it is working. The Token battery can last 4 to 6 months. If you see a blinking red light or there is no light on your Token, please get your Token replaced at any CC.

Can work permit holder collect TraceTogether token?

Your work pass holders should collect the TraceTogether token if they do not have one. For work pass holders who stay in Purpose Built Dormitories ( PBDs ), they can contact their dormitory operators directly, and the dormitory operators will arrange with MOM FAST Team for their collection of tokens.

How do I change my phone number on TraceTogether app?

Changing Phone Number

0, users are able to change their contact number via their profile page (More > Your Profile) on their TraceTogether App. Amend your number and perform the OTP verification, to reflect it successfully and enable timely contact tracing.

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How do I uninstall TraceTogether?

TraceTogether app users will have to email with the mobile number that was used to register in the app and uninstall/delete the app.

Can I change my GTB token battery?

Usually, batteries are not replaceable in hardware tokens. You cannot replace them in Protectimus Slim NFC token.

How do I replace a damaged OCBC token?

Complete the Manage OCBC Velocity Account Form. Ensure the fields under “Business details” are completed and field “Replace token – Defective token or Lost token” is selected. Submit the original form, along with the defective token to any of our branches or mail to the address indicated on the form.