Do old NYC subway tokens have any value?

The majority of transportation tokens sold are used. Many transit systems have moved away from tokens, so they are no longer valid for travel. However, used transportation tokens still have value as collectibles. The condition of the token strongly impacts their value.

How much is a New York city transit token worth?

STILL $1, JUDGE SAYS. Somewhere out there, in pants pockets, purses and bureau drawers, are as many as 10 million brass subway tokens that were never redeemed when the New York City Transit Authority introduced new tokens last year.

How much are Metro tokens worth?

Many long-time transit riders still buy tokens at various vendors, such as liquor stores, city halls and Metro stores. Ten tokens are sold in a bag for $17.50, each token worth a one-way fare at the basic rate of $1.75.

What do you do with subway tokens?

They are weightless and are worth one bottle cap. Subway tokens play no significant role, but have a flavor use to prevent attacks from a Protectron acting as a subway steward.

When did NYC phase out subway tokens?

60 million of these new tokens were minted. The token was finally phased out in favor of the Metrocard system, just after midnight on April 13, 2003.

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How much was a subway token in 1975?

Tokens replaced coins in 1953, when the fare rose to 15 cents, since turnstiles couldn’t handle two different coins. 1966 – 1970: 20 cents. 1970 – 1971: 30 cents. 1972 – 1975: 35 cents.

Can you still use Metro tokens?

Say goodbye to Metro tokens this November

29, 2019. After this day, Metro will no longer accept tokens. Unused tokens are non-refundable. Loading fare onto a TAP card is the safest and most convenient way to travel throughout L.A. County.

Do Subway tokens expire?

The Subway® Card prepaid dollar value balance never expires, nor do we charge any fees in connection with its use. To create a Subway® account and register your Subway® Card, click HERE or download the Subway® App. You must submit a valid email address. Each customer may maintain only one Subway® account.

How many tokens do you get per dollar at Subway?

Customers will earn four tokens for every dollar spent. Two hundred tokens will result in $2 in Subway credit. That means a customer would have to spend $50 at Subway to receive a $2 credit. Or, since most Subway sandwiches cost about $6, a customer would have to spend nearly $150 to receive a free sandwich.

Can you pay with cash on Subway app?

While the positioning of the payment titans takes the stage, Subway has been quietly chugging along looking to let consumers pay however they want. … They also can pay just using the app, including in advance ordering. And yes, they can still use cash.

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What is a subway token?

1. subway token – a token that is used to pay for entry to the subway system. token – a metal or plastic disk that can be redeemed or used in designated slot machines.

How much does subway cost in NYC?

Subways and buses

Fare for most riders on subways and local, limited, and Select Bus Service buses: $2.75. Express buses cost $6.75. Pay with a MetroCard, or use contactless payment with OMNY.