Does StockX guarantee authenticity?

Reliable – great service, every time. Authentic – every item on the StockX exchange is verified.

Can you get fakes from StockX?

Before StockX, how did you know your shoes weren’t fake? … Now with StockX, you’re guaranteed that the goods you purchase are 100% verified authentic, never fake. Every item bought and sold on StockX goes through a rigorous authentication process, putting the hammer down on scammers and bootleggers.

What happens if StockX finds a fake?

Failure to complete a sale may result in a penalty fee equivalent to 15% of the transaction price, with a minimum charge of $15 USD or local currency equivalent. … StockX cannot guarantee that your original receipt will return to you as the result of an item failing verification.

How many fakes get through StockX?

When StockX started two years ago, about 15 percent of the sneakers it received from sellers turned out to be replicas or fakes. Nowadays, the company says that figure is down to about 2 percent. StockX bans sellers from its platform that willfully or repeatedly attempt to sell fakes.

How long does it take StockX to authenticate?

The verification process normally takes 1-2 business days. The process can extend a few days if there are issues with the item requiring further inspection from our Quality Assurance team.

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What happens if a seller doesn’t ship on StockX?

If something happens and your item can’t be delivered within a reasonable amount of time, we will attempt to find you another one at no additional cost. If we are unable to do so we will provide you with a full refund, which is typically processed in 3-7 business days to the original payment method used.

Is StockX legit for handbags?

First things first: StockX only accepts authentic handbags in brand new condition. This means store fresh, unworn in flawless condition. Handbags must come with a branded dust bag included.

How do I verify StockX?

You can activate two-step verification by going to the security tab in your account settings and opting in to two-step verification. Upon opting in, you will be asked to input your cell phone number. You will then receive a random 6 digit code.

Does StockX have buyer protection?

While doesn’t offer buyer protection, they do claim that 100 percent of the products they sell are authentic because of their thorough verification process. The verification and authentication process is said to be very thorough, ensuring every product to go onto the website is legit.

Where are the StockX authentication centers?

StockX currently has international offices in London, UK, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and has authentication facilities in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, Moonachie, NJ, and Tempe, AZ.