Frequent question: Can you have two IDs HTML?

You can only have one ID per element, but you can indeed have more than one class. But don’t have multiple class attributes; put multiple class values into one attribute. is perfectly legal.

Can you use ID more than once in HTML?

Yes according to most of the tutorials it cannot be applied more than once. But I wrote a simple mark-up in HTML and applied some CSS. I have applied the same ID more than once (3 times).

Can I use multiple ID in CSS?

IDs can never be used more than once in a page.

Can you use both class and ID in HTML?

Yes, any HTML element (like div, input, nav, body, etc) can have both “id” and “class” together and at the same time. The only difference here is that “id” can have only one unique value and “class” can have more than one.

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Can multiple Div have same ID?

Yes you are right, it is not recommened to do so. An ID should always be unique (e.g. if you want to select the element with javascript). If you just want to add the same style to the divs, just use css class.

How many times can you use ID?

The rule against using “id.” more than 5 consecutive times is usually found in a journal’s style guide; it’s not a BB rule. Rule 10.9 is about citing cases–not using id. (which is found in rule 4.1).

How many times can an ID be used on a page?

The major difference is that IDs can only be applied once per page, while classes can be used as many times on a page as needed.

Can HTML element have multiple classes?

HTML elements can be assigned multiple classes by listing the classes in the class attribute, with a blank space to separate them. … The order of classes in the class attribute is not relevant.

How can we have two classes in HTML?

To specify multiple classes, separate the class names with a space, e.g. <span class=”left important”>. This allows you to combine several CSS classes for one HTML element.

What is the difference between id and class HTML?

Difference between id and class attribute: The only difference between them is that “id” is unique in a page and can only apply to at most one element, while “class” selector can apply to multiple elements.

What is id in HTML?

The id global attribute defines an identifier (ID) which must be unique in the whole document. Its purpose is to identify the element when linking (using a fragment identifier), scripting, or styling (with CSS).

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Can a class and ID have the same name?

Yes, you can use same name for both id and class because both parameters have their own significance. The only problem with having same name for class and id is code readability and maintainability. They can have the same names, the browser will render the correct CSS as classes and ids are marked differently (.

How do you add comments in HTML?

To comment out in HTML, insert information between <! — and –> tags (browsers won’t show these notes). Commenting in HTML allows developers to leave notes about their code, its functionality or to indicate necessary changes for the future.

Can you have multiple div tags in HTML?

The div tag is a container tag inside div tag we can put more than one HTML element and can group together and can apply CSS for them. The div tag is very flexible in creating web layouts and easy to modify.

Difference Between Div tag and span tag.

Properties Div Tag Span Tag
Uses Web-layout container for soome text

Can multiple HTML elements have the same class name?

A single HTML element can have multiple classes. Similarly, multiple HTML elements can share the same class – there is no restriction based on element type, and classes do not need to be unique.

Is it legal to have a P tag inside of another P tag?

5 Answers. Syntactically, a div inside a p is invalid in all standards of HTML.