Frequent question: How do I remove Firebase authentication?

How do I disable Firebase authentication?

There’s no method to disable a user account from the Android client SDK. You have to use Firebase Admin SDK for this. You can also trigger this function when a Firebase user is created on Firebase Cloud Function.

How do I delete my Firebase account?

Sign in to Firebase, then open your project. , then select Project settings. In the Your apps card, select the app that you want to delete. Under the Your apps card, click Remove this app.

Can I use Firebase without authentication?

It works fine with user logging in.

How do I fix this app is not authorized to use Firebase authentication?

Make sure you are using the latest/updated google-services.

To find the certificate;

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Select your app.
  3. On the left menu, select Development tools > Internal app sharing.
  4. Select the “App certificate” tab, and then copy the SHA-1 to your firebase console.

How do I remove all users from Firebase authentication?

original answer

  1. sign in as each test user in the app and delete the user from there.
  2. delete each user in turn from the Firebase Console.
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How do I find my Firebase password?

Finding the Password Hash Parameters

To access these parameters, navigate to the ‘Users’ tab of the ‘Authentication’ section in the Firebase Console and select ‘Password Hash Parameters’ from the drop down in the upper-right hand corner of the users table.

What is firebase anonymous authentication?

You can use Firebase Authentication to create and use temporary anonymous accounts to authenticate with Firebase. These temporary anonymous accounts can be used to allow users who haven’t yet signed up to your app to work with data protected by security rules.

What is anonymous authentication?

Anonymous authentication gives users access to the public areas of your Web or FTP site without prompting them for a user name or password.

What is an anonymous logon?

An anonymous login, also sometimes called an anonymous logon, is a process by which a user signs into a website or online service without a username or email authentication. A password is still typically needed, and this password is often the user’s primary email address.

What is firebase authentication in Android?

Firebase Authentication provides backend services, easy-to-use SDKs, and ready-made UI libraries to authenticate users to your app. It supports authentication using passwords, phone numbers, popular federated identity providers like Google, Facebook and Twitter, and more.