How can I get trace token number?

What do I do if I lost my TraceTogether token?

If you have lost your Token, the first replacement is free but subsequent replacements are chargeable at $9 per Token. Replacement of lost Tokens can only be done at community centres/clubs. Payment can be made via PayNow, EZ-link, Nets Flashpay, Mastercard, VISA, JCB, and Union Pay.

How do I check my token on TraceTogether?

How to check out using your TraceTogether token. You will need to present your TraceTogether token’s QR code to a staff member who is manning the check out station. Once your QR code has been scanned, it will be registered that you have checked out of that location.

How do I check my TraceTogether history?

How to check your SafeEntry History

  1. Go to the TraceTogether App.
  2. Go to the ‘History’ tab.
  3. View your SafeEntry history.

What is TraceTogether token?

TraceTogether Tokens are part of the TraceTogether programme to speed up contact tracing and improve its accuracy. It will function in the same way the TraceTogether App does: by using Bluetooth signals to record other nearby TraceTogether devices.

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How can I get tokens without battery?

The Token’s battery is expected to last 4 to 6 months and is non-rechargeable. You can visit any Community Centre/Club (CC) to replace your Token when the battery is low. This is indicated by a red blinking light on your Token. If the Token is functioning properly, you should see a green blinking light.

Can I use TraceTogether app instead of token?

The TraceTogether Token has the same Bluetooth contact tracing function as the TraceTogether App. You can still get a TraceTogether Token if you prefer, but you only need to use either the App or the Token. … If you’re using the App, remember to keep your app in the background and keep Bluetooth turned on.

Does TraceTogether token track location?

Like the App, the Token only captures proximity data via Bluetooth technology and does not capture GPS / geolocation data. The Token does not have internet / cellular connectivity. This Bluetooth data is stored only on the Token, and data for longer than 25 days is automatically deleted from your device.

Where can I replace my token?

You can check which Token belongs to whom by using the QR Code Scanner. You can replace your faulty or out-of-battery Tokens at vending machines located in CCs and selected malls. If you are a Singaporean or Permanent Resident who is collecting a Token for the first time, you can choose to have it delivered by post.

How do I turn off trace together?

You can disable TraceTogether’s functionality any time by turning Bluetooth off or by pausing the App from the option in your home screen (currently only for Android). We will not be able to help notify you quickly of possible exposure to COVID-19 during this period when your App isn’t working.

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What is TraceTogether only SafeEntry?

TraceTogether-only SafeEntry entails visitors using the TraceTogether App or token to check-in at business venues. Such SafeEntry check-ins require the collection of personal data of visitors for contact tracing purposes.

How can I change my mobile number in trace together?

Changing Phone Number

0, users are able to change their contact number via their profile page (More > Your Profile) on their TraceTogether App. Amend your number and perform the OTP verification, to reflect it successfully and enable timely contact tracing.

Can TraceTogether token fit in Airpod case?

Yes, TraceTogether tokens can fit into a first-generation AirPods case.