How do electricity tokens work?

These cards, tokens or keys are then used directly with the meter on the house to add electricity credit. In other parts of the world, including parts of Sudan and South Africa, customers purchase unique codes that they enter into keypads on their electric meters to keep them going.

How do you use a token for electricity?

Loading The Token Via Vendor

  1. Check your meter number by dialing 100 on the meter and it will be displayed.
  2. Visit the vendor and make payment for your choice.
  3. Give the vendor your meter number.
  4. Collect the 20 digit token from the vendor.
  5. Load the token on your meter and it is done.

How does the prepaid electricity work?

Prepaid meters work on a system whereby the consumer pays upfront for the service. No money, no service. Residents on credit meters used to having 60 days to pay for electricity will now have to pay upfront before electricity is used. … Prepaid meters automatically disconnect if the tokens run out.

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How do you enter a token on a prepaid meter?

The meter token is what you use to load the Prepaid Meter. When you have your token, go to your Prepaid Meter, open the card door of your unit and insert the meter smart card. Then enter the PIN code that is on your token and voila – your digital power consumption device is recharged.

Does electricity token expire?

Contrary to popular belief, your token can actually expire. After getting your electricity token, you are required to enter it into your meter. If you cannot enter it into your prepaid meter for some reason, don’t fret. Your token is valid for 3 months.

Why is my meter rejecting my token?

WHY DOES MY METER REJECT TOKENS? This may result from using the wrong meter number when vending, a faulty meter or change in tariff index. The customer is required to visit any of our nearest customer care units or contact us through our contact channels(helplines, social media & live chat) for immediate assistance.

How many units of electricity does an R1000 use?

R1000 = 400 units of electricity in Cape Town. Wednesday I bought R100 electricity, got 41 units. Today I bought another R100, got 31 units. This City really screws us, unprovoked.

How much electricity units do you get for R500?

Currently R 1.9714 / kWH for a typical residential property pre or post paid. So for your R500 = 253 kWH.

Is pay as you go electricity cheaper?

Prepaying for your energy lets you pay small amounts often, but it’s usually a more expensive way to pay than getting a bill. If you have a smart meter, your supplier can change its setting from credit to prepayment.

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How long is a prepaid electricity voucher valid for?

Recharger Pre-paid vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

What does 30 mean on prepaid electricity?

When this happens it results in the meter showing an “ERROR-30” when you try to load prepaid units. What this means is that at that point in time the keypad cannot communicate with the meter.

How many units of electricity does R1000 need in 2020?

R2,00 buys 1 kW, so R1000 will buy 434.78 kWh (VAT is first deducted before the units are issued). In all three scenarios, exactly the same amount of kWh will be received!

How can I check my prepaid token?

Dial #100, then enter or press # SHENZEN Meter Box. Press 65, then enter. In some cases, 000# and 100# also work when trying to get your KPLC prepaid meter number.

Why is my token not working?

If you see a red blinking light, or when there is no light, this means the Token is not working. You need to replace your Token if it is lost, faulty, damaged, or when the battery is low. Please bring in your faulty/damaged Token and original ID with barcode for replacement.

How do I check my token meter balance?

How to check KPLC token balance

  1. Open a new SMS message on your phone.
  2. Type 95551 in the Send to box.
  3. In the message field, input the first part of your account number. …
  4. After a few seconds, a reply with your account details including account balance will appear.
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