How do I change authentication mode in SQL Server 2012?

Where is authentication mode in SQL Server?

In SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer, right-click on the server name, click Properties and go to Security page to check the SQL Server Authentication. In this case we can see that it is Windows Authentication mode.

How do I set up SQL authentication in SQL Server 2012?

Creating a SQL Server 2012 Account

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Connect to the SQL Server database where you want to create a login.
  3. Open the Security folder.
  4. Right-click on the Logins folder and select New Login.
  5. To assign rights to a Windows account, select Windows authentication.

How do I change Windows Authentication mode to mixed mode in SQL Server?

On the Object Explorer window right click on the server name and go to Properties.

  1. Select the Security section. Under Server Authentication change the selection from Windows Authentication mode to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. Click Ok.
  2. Click Ok.
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How do I change the authentication username in SQL Server 2012?

In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click Security > Logins; then select New Login. Enter the username (for example, papercut). Change the Server Authentication to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode.

How do I change SQL Server authentication mode?

Change authentication mode with SSMS

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer, right-click the server, and then click Properties.
  2. On the Security page, under Server authentication, select the new server authentication mode, and then click OK.

How do I change the credentials in SQL Server?


  1. Login into SQL server using Windows Authentication.
  2. In Object Explorer, open Security folder, open Logins folder. Right Click on sa account and go to Properties.
  3. Type a new SQL sa password, and confirm it. Click OK to finish.

How do I set up SQL authentication login?


  1. In the SQL Server Management Studio, open Object Explorer.
  2. Click Server_instance_name > Security > Logins.
  3. Right-click Logins and select New Login.
  4. On the General page, in the Login name field, type the name for a new user.
  5. Select SQL Server authentication.
  6. In the Password field, type a password for the user.

What is SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode?

Windows authentication mode requires users to provide a valid Windows username and password to access the database server. If this mode is chosen, SQL Server disables the SQL Server-specific login functionality, and the user’s identity is confirmed solely through his Windows account.

How do I grant access to a SQL Server database?

Expand Security, right-click on Logins and select New Login.

  1. Enter a descriptive Login name, select SQL Server authentication, and enter a secure password. …
  2. Select the User Mapping tab, check the box next to the desired database, confirm that only ‘public’ is selected, and click OK.
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How do I change Windows Authentication mode to mixed mode?

Changing SQL from Windows Authentication to Mixed Mode

  1. Right click on the “(local) (SQL Server…)” at the top of the tree and choose “Properties.”
  2. Click on “Security” on the left and then change the radio button from “Windows Authentication” to “SQL and Windows Authentication.” Press OK.

How do I enable both Windows and SQL Server authentication?

In the Object Explorer, right-click the server and click Properties. On the Security page under Server authentication, select SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode and then click OK.

What is SQL mixed mode authentication?

Mixed Mode (SQL Authentication Mode) provides a System Administrator (SA) account using a separate user name (e.g. SA) and password that can also be used to connect to the SQL server in addition to the Windows account. … Then, specify a password for this SA account and continue with the installation process.

How do I find my SQL Server authentication username and password?

You can see the user mappings by opening Sql Server Management Studio and connecting to your server. In the Object Explorer area expand the Security and then Login folders (just under “Databases”). Double-click a login to open it’s Properties window, and find the User Mappings section.

How do I connect to SQL Server with a different user?

The quick solution is to hold the Shift-key while right clicking the SSMS shortcut in the start menu. Then the ‘Run as different user’ option appears, which allows you to enter different credentials.