How do I change my ePass token PIN?

How do I change my token password?

In the SafeNet Authentication Client Tools window, click Change Token Password. On the Change Password Token page, in the Current Token Password box, type your existing password. In the New Token Password and Confirm Password boxes, create and confirm your new token password. Click OK.

Can we reuse Epass token?

e-Token is mandatory to download digital signature and store digital signature and use online. … After expire certificate you can reuse this e-token.

What is pin for digital signature?

User PIN is the password which the subscriber of the digital signature (DSC application) will have to use while doing a digital signature using his ProxKey token. User PIN has to be kept confidential and not to be disclosed to any other person.

How do I unlock my e token?

Unlocking the eToken using Challenge Response

  1. In the left pane of the eToken Properties window, select the token to be unlocked.
  2. Click Unlock eToken in the right pane; the Unlock eToken window is displayed.
  3. Contact the administrator and provide the Challenge Data.

How can I unlock my ePass password?

Process to Unlock ePass 2003 Token:

  1. Plug ePass 2003 Token in USB port.
  2. Check Version of ePass 2003 Token.
  3. Remove old Token Driver from your System.
  4. Install Token Driver provided in ePass 2003 Token.
  5. Download ePass 2003 Token Password reset Manager from below download link, or click here.
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Can we download DSC twice?

The digital signature certificate is a onetime download. you only download DSC only one. After download you can’t download your DSC again.

How can I transfer my digital signature from one token to another?

To export Public Key of Digital Signature Certificates from the e-token, do the following: Open your Internet Browser and go to Tools> Internet Options> Content Tab> Certificates> Personal, select the certificate which you want to export and then click on the export button.

How do I remove a certificate from Epass token?

Click on “CERTIFICATE” Option . All the certificates stored in the token will be listed under ” USER CERTIFICATE” . Signle click on any of the certificate to SELECT the certificate.

How do I change my digital signature pin?

You can change the PIN of your token. In the main interface of the Manager, click Change User PIN button. The following interface appears. Enter the old and new PINs and confirm the new PIN.

How can I retrieve my DSC?

What is the process of obtaining DSC from Certifying Authority? A letter/certificate issued by a Bank containing the DSC applicant’s information as retained in the Bank database can be accepted. Such letter/certificate should be certified by the Bank Manager .

How unlock DSC pin PROXKey?

The user needs to contact the PROXKey customer care to unlock the token. If the user wants to change the PIN which was set earlier this option helps to set a new PIN. The user needs to remember his earlier set PIN which he needs to enter first and then set a new PIN as shown in Figure 10.

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