How do I change my token PIN?

Switch on the token, insert your old pin, click menu, select change PIN, insert the new pin and confirm the new pin.

How do I reset my token PIN?

To reset your PIN, click the ‘troubleshoot’ link next to the appropriate token. You will be taken to the Troubleshoot Your Token page. Select the ‘I forgot my PIN’ option and click OK. Then create a new PIN for the token.

How do I reset my RSA token?

21. How do I reset my PIN?

  1. Sign into Retail Internet Banking.
  2. Go to “My Profile” tab.
  3. Select RSA Set PIN.
  4. Enter current PIN + Token.
  5. Once entered correctly, you will be prompted to create a new PIN and retype same for confirmation.

How do I change my RSA token PIN?

Create Your PIN

  1. Open the RSA SecurID app on your device and tap Import Token.
  2. When prompted to enter a password, enter the password that was sent to you through Cornell Secure File Transfer.
  3. When prompted to enter a PIN, enter 0000. …
  4. Use Remote Desktop to connect to this server:

How do I get my RSA password?

Open the RSA SecurID App on your mobile device and enter your Personal PIN when prompted. Your mobile device will generate an eight-digit Token Code. Enter the eight-digit Token Passcode when prompted.

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What is RSA pin?

What is the RSA PIN? The RSA Personal Identification Number is a unique and lifetime personalized alpha-numeric identifier issued to a contributor under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) by the National Pension Commission (PenCom). The PIN starts with PEN and followed by 12 digits e.g. PENXXXXXXXXXXXX.

How do I create a VPN pin?

Follow these steps to add a VPN connection:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Wireless & networks > More.
  2. Tap VPN > and then the plus icon.
  3. Enter the VPN settings and set them up according to the security details your network administrator gave you.
  4. Tap Save. The VPN will be added to the VPNs section of the VPN settings screen.

How do I set up an RSA token on my phone?

On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app. Search for “RSA SecurID Software Token”.

Next time you’re asked for a SecurID passcode:

  1. Open your RSA SecurID Software Token app.
  2. Enter your PIN, then click the arrow button.
  3. Enter the passcode into Online Banking for Business before it expires.

How do you open a Sdtid file?

Programs that open or reference SDTID files

  1. RSA SecurID Software Token.
  2. RSA SecurID Software Token. RSA SecurID Software Token Converter.
  3. RSA SecurID Software Token. RSA SecurID Software Token Converter.
  4. iOS. RSA SecurID Software Token.

Why is my RSA account locked?

This could be due to one of 5 reasons: The username (email) you are using is incorrect. The password you are attempting to use is incorrect. You have not yet registered for a portal account.

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