How do I find my group ID in Kafka?

How do I find my Kafka group ID?

Step1: Open the Windows command prompt. Step2: Use the ‘-group’ command as: ‘kafka-console-consumer -bootstrap-server localhost:9092 -topic -group <group_name>’ . Give some name to the group. Press enter.

What is group ID in Kafka? specifies the name of the consumer group a Kafka consumer belongs to. When the Kafka consumer is constructed and does not exist yet (i.e. there are no existing consumers that are part of the group), the consumer group will be created automatically. Note.

What is default Kafka group ID?

The default value of consumer config will be changed from “” to null . This means that if standalone consumers want to keep using the group id “” they would have to explicitly provide the config (e.g. props. put(ConsumerConfig.

Is group ID mandatory for Kafka consumer?

One is (mandatory) and second one is (not Mandatory).

How do I view groups in Kafka?

Get the list of consumer groups for a topic. Use to list all consumer groups. Note that the below command will list all the consumer groups for all topics managed by the cluster.

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What is Kafka group coordinator?

The coordinator is responsible for managing the state of the group. Its main job is to mediate partition assignment when new members arrive, old members depart, and when topic metadata changes. The act of reassigning partitions is known as rebalancing the group.

How do I find my Kafka consumer group ID?

You can get the value of for your kafka cluster by looking into $KAFKA_HOME/config/consumer. properties . There you can see the line #consumer group id . Use this value and your code will work.

How do you use consumer group in Kafka?

Consumer Group

  1. Consumers can join a group by using the same
  2. The maximum parallelism of a group is that the number of consumers in the group ← no of partitions.
  3. Kafka assigns the partitions of a topic to the consumer in a group, so that each partition is consumed by exactly one consumer in the group.

What is a Kafka client ID?

An optional identifier of a Kafka consumer (in a consumer group) that is passed to a Kafka broker with every request. The sole purpose of this is to be able to track the source of requests beyond just ip and port by allowing a logical application name to be included in Kafka logs and monitoring aggregates.

How do I know what version of Kafka I have?

Actually, in kafka there is no command kafka –version to find version.

Where is consumer offset stored in Kafka?

Offset Storage – Kafka

Offsets in Kafka are stored as messages in a separate topic named ‘__consumer_offsets’ . Each consumer commits a message into the topic at periodic intervals.

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Is consumer group optional in Kafka?

3 Answers. Consumer is mandatory. If you do not set consumer , you will get exception. So obviously you’re setting it somewhere in your code or the framework or library you’re using is setting it internally.