How do I find my Icegate ID?

How do I recover my Icegate ID?

Reset Icegate Login Password

  1. Open Customs ecommerce portal at
  2. Click Forgot Password.
  3. Enter Icegate ID (Identity Number)
  4. Provide registered email address.
  5. Enter Captcha code shown.
  6. Click submit.
  7. Get new password on your registered email id.

How do I register my Icegate without DSC?

Procedure for auto registration on ICEGATE

  1. Enter IEC (Import Export Code number).
  2. Enter GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number).
  3. Enter Password (please note a temporary password will be sent from ICEGATE).
  4. Enter the Captcha and click Submit.

How do I connect Gstin to Icegate?

How to link GST with ICEGate

  1. First open the ICEGate official website from here
  2. Scroll below where you can find ICE GSTIN Integration and click on it.
  3. Enter your GSTIN number the ICEGate GSTIN Integration page,
  4. Provide captcha code, then click on submit button.

How do I find my HSN code on my Icegate?

To check whether your IE code has reached DGFT head quarters and the correctness of your IE code details, Click IE Code @ DGFT button.

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How do I find my Registered Code on my Icegate?

To check whether your IE code has reached DGFT head quarters and the correctness of your IE code details, Click IE Code @ DGFT button.

How do I reset my Icegate email password?

iv. Now go to Security→ Change Internet password and click on Change. v. In case the icegate email password get expired, then the user need to contact the Saksham Seva team to reset the webmail password.

How do I find my Icegate temporary password?

Provide your IEC number and GSTIN, along with a temporary password sent from ICEGATE on your registered mobile number. Once you have logged in with your temporary password, you will be required to enter login credentials (Unique login Id and password) of your choice.

What is Icegate registration?

ICEGATE or Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) Gateway is essentially an online portal with 8,500 registered users. This e-commerce portal caters to both cargo and trade carriers through e-filing services.

What class digital signature is required for Icegate?

Phase 1 – Implementation of certificates for individual users: All Importers, Exporter, Customs Brokers, Shipping Lines, Airlines or their agents who are authorized to file any document through Remote EDI System at ICEGATE will have to use the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates for digitally signing the Customs …

How can I change my mobile number in IEC email ID?

Select the option “Modify e-IEC”. Enter the mobile number, e-mail id and captcha. Click on “Generate OTP” button. You will receive an email and an OTP in the given mobile number.

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How do I get my shipping details from Icegate?

1800-3010-1000 or send an Email to a copy of your IEC. branches. Ques 7. What is the procedure to check the summary of Shipping Bills (SBs) for a particular IEC on ICEGATE?