How do I resend KPLC tokens?

How can I recover my KPLC token message online?

To retrieve KPLC tokens number message that you deleted by mistake or accident before feeding the tokens to the meter number:

  1. Dial*977#
  2. Select prepaid service (Token) or Postpaid services (Bill)
  3. Select Latest Token.
  4. Enter Meter Number.
  5. Click Send.
  6. You will be sent the latest three token numbers you have purchased.

How do I retrieve my electric token?

How can I get my previously purchased Tokens? SMS “LAST ELEC” to 32904 to Receive an sms with your previous electricity tokens or Look up your previously purchased electricity tokens now by going to the check your last token page. sms’s are charged at Standard VAS rates.

How do I check if my KPLC token is delayed?

To access SMS services from KPLC, dial *977# and go through the items provided to identify the most useful in taking care of your token delay issue. For instance, if you fed the token number into you meter but experienced a delay in token recharge, you can use this service to ascertain your token balance.

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What do you do when KPLC tokens delay?

In order to purchase KPLC tokens in case of any delays, you will need to attend the Kenya Power banking halls and get help from their representatives at the vending machines. Tell the cashier of the exact KPLC tokens amount you want to buy (for example, it may be Ksh 1000) and give the representative the money.

How can I recover my KPLC token message?

How To Recover Kenya Power Token Messages

  1. On your mobile phone, dial *977#
  2. Navigate to “Prepaid Services”
  3. Select “Latest Token”
  4. Enter your Prepaid meter account number.
  5. Then hit “Send”

What is my KPLC token account number?

To do this, simply go to your token meter box and input the code 804 (Hexing) / 100 (Conlog) / Shenzen (65) then press the enter symbol. If successful, your 11-digit account number will be displayed on the screen.

How do I retrieve my prepaid meter token?

To retrieve your last purchase, SMS your meter number to 31371 and your token will be sent back to you.

Does electricity token expire?

Contrary to popular belief, your token can actually expire. After getting your electricity token, you are required to enter it into your meter. If you cannot enter it into your prepaid meter for some reason, don’t fret. Your token is valid for 3 months.

How do you reset a prepaid meter?

Press the I key followed by 008. The consumption and number of days are displayed on the meter. The day and consumption counters will be reset by pressing the i key twice.

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How do I contact KPLC tokens?

Please call our Contact Centre hotline numbers 97771 or 0703070707 or 0732170170 for service-related enquiries.

How can I check my KPLC token status?

How to check KPLC token balance

  1. Open a new SMS message on your phone.
  2. Type 95551 in the Send to box.
  3. In the message field, input the first part of your account number. …
  4. After a few seconds, a reply with your account details including account balance will appear.

Why is my token not responding?

If your token doesn’t work, it can be for a number of reasons: Perhaps you typed in the wrong code. Check that the code you entered matches the code on your token. … Maybe your token is no longer active.

How do I claim KPLC tokens?

Our main focus for this writing will be under the prepaid services (token) and to access that menu, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Dial *977# from a Safaricom network.
  2. Choose option 1: Prepaid services (Token)
  3. On the next menu, Choose option 2: Latest Token.
  4. Select your meter from the list provided.

How do I contact VendIT?

VendIT✓ customer care service number is +254709711000. You can also contact VendIt through direct message on Facebook or Twitter at VenditKenya.

How do I unblock my KPLC token meter?

Step 1. Have the C.I.U (token meter) connected to a wall socket and switched on. Step 2. Press 59698686 followed by meter number then press Ok.