How do you get son tokens in Cambion drift?

Where do you get son tokens in Cambion drift?

Mother Tokens can be acquired by completing bounties given by Mother. Father Tokens are exchanged from resources found in the Cambion Drift. Daughter Tokens are exchanged from cut fish parts found in the Cambion Drift. Son Tokens are exchanged from preservation tags from animals found in the Cambion Drift.

How do I get son tokens?

There are currently 4 ways of obtaining Son Tokens:

  1. Trading Tags with Son under the Capture Deimos Wildlife option.
  2. Finding them in the Cambion Drift.
  3. Donating a Maxed or Gilded Predasites and Vulpaphyla companion.
  4. Trading random assortment of Cambion Drift resources under the Mend the Family option with Grandmother.

How do you farm otak tokens?

There are currently two ways to get Otak Tokens:

  1. Mining Resources: The different gems and ores can be traded for the Otak Tokens, so pull out your mining laser and roam the Cambion Drift for mining targets.
  2. Cambion Drift Caves: Well, no surprise here. Get into the cave system and make sure to keep your eyes open.

What are daughter tokens for?

Daughter Tokens (100 Standing) – The Daughter Token system revolves around fishing in Cambion Drift, this one is also easy if you know how to fish. … You can earn son tokens by conserving animals on Cambion Drift. Use Tranq rifle to put animals to sleep and then conserve them.

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Where is son located in Warframe?

Son is the alias of the son of the Entrati family. He is a partially-infested Orokin researcher and biologist, who resides inside the enclave of Necralisk, on Deimos.

How do I get Entrati standing?

To gain Standing with the Entrati, you will need to talk to Grandmother. She will accept various Tokens that you can earn from other members in exchange for Standing.

Where can I find common Avichaea?

To catch the Common Avichaea, you will need to visit Son in the Necralisk and pick up some items. First up you will need a Tranq Rifle that you can purchase for 500 Standing. You will also need to purchase an Avichaea Lure from Son for 1000 Standing.