How do you use National Book Tokens on Waterstones?

In our shops, we are happy to redeem National Book Tokens and other gift cards and vouchers from selected service partners. The following gift cards and vouchers are accepted in our shops, but we do not currently accept them on; National Book Tokens or paper gift vouchers.

Are National Book Tokens accepted online?

To use your National Book Tokens gift card (or e-Gift card) online, you’ll need both the gift card number and PIN. Please note that you do not need to insert spaces when entering the gift card number. Older paper gift vouchers (paper National Book Tokens) cannot be spent online and can only be used in bookshops.

How do I use National Book Tokens online WHSmith?

Please note: National Book Tokens gift cards cannot currently be spent on the WHSmith or Waterstones websites, in supermarkets, or on Amazon.To spend online, you’ll need both the gift card number and PIN.

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What are National Book Tokens?

National Book Tokens is a currency-backed voucher scheme, and successor to the book token programme, that is available in the UK and Ireland. … National Book Tokens are sold and accepted for exchange in almost all UK bookshops, including all major chains.

Can you spend National Book Tokens online at Waterstones?

Can I use my National Book Tokens or paper Vouchers online? No – we are unable to accept National Book Tokens on However, National Book Tokens can be used for payment over on, our sister bookshop.

How long are National Book Tokens valid for?

National Book Tokens gift cards* do not expire for 8 years from last use (including balance enquiries) And even if you don’t use your card for 8 years we’ll replace it – just fill out the form below.

Can National Book Tokens be used to buy magazines?

They all offer a large range of books, children’s books, school books, magazines, greeting cards, gifts, and stationery.

Does WHSmith accept National Book Tokens?

National Book Tokens are the perfect gift for book lovers of all ages and make the ideal present. Can be redeemed in WHSmith High Street stores only. National Book Tokens are not redeemable online at or in WHSmith Travel Stores.

Where is the card number on a national book token?

National Book Tokens Gift Card Registration

You will need your card number and PIN (both found on the back of your card).

How do book vouchers work?

What is a “book voucher” and how does it work? … Book voucher charges are placed on student accounts 1-3 days after the day of record. Once bookstore charges are placed on the student’s account, it is the responsibility of the student to repay these charges, either through financial aid or other payment sources.

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How do I check my book token balance?

The easiest way to check the balance available on your National Book Tokens gift card or e-Gift card. Simply enter your gift card number and PIN.

Can I use National Book Tokens on Kindle?

National Book Tokens gift cards (and e-Gift cards) can be used to purchase ebooks on (£ and €). These ebooks can be read on most types of ebook readers and with most eReading Apps. This does not include ebooks for Kindle ebook readers.

Can I order books from Waterstones by phone?

Can I call you to place an order over the telephone? You can usually place telephone orders at any one of our bookshops, but as these are temporarily closed this facility is unfortunately currently unavailable.

How does the Waterstones card work?

With 1 Plus Stamp earned for every £10/€12 you spend (in shop or online), collecting 10 Plus Stamps equals £10/€12 to spend with us, converted overnight. You can earn Plus Stamps and spend your Plus Balances in our shops, cafés and online via or our Waterstones App for Apple and Android.

Can you use National Book Tokens at Tesco?

The tokens will also be accepted at all major UK supermarkets, including Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and most large bookshop chains including WHSmith, Waterstones, and Eason.