How does Token of Trust work?

Token of Trust ( is the easiest way to verify people and view their reputations. … Token of Trust’s platform enables organizations to screen sensitive transactions for safety and meet compliance requirements while empowering consumers to control and reuse their verified reputations.

Is token of trust legitimate?

Token of Trust has been the best KYC and AML system I’ve used and the customer service is impeccable. … Tracking the progress clients within the KYC and AML process is easy. The tools are very reliable and always do what we’d expect.

What is a token of trust?

Token of Trust is a cloud-based anti-money laundering solution designed to help online merchants authenticate data and validate the identity of individuals via multi-factor and photo ID verification.

Is Token of Trust identity verification?

Token of Trust verifies the user and handles sensitive identity information in compliance with international law. Users can be automatically or manually approved. A verification summary for each user can be accessed from the WordPress admin dashboard or from Token of Trust’s web portal dashboard.

How much does token of trust cost?

Token of Trust operates on two continents with clients in the sharing economy and the banking sector. Plans start at $100.00/month and a penny per connected user.

Is AgeChecked safe?

How secure is your system? AgeChecked operate a highly secure and robust system. Our technology is based on the British Standard code of practice PAS:1296. We do not hold any customer personal details, each successful age verification creates a unique anonymised token for that individual.

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