How long does StockX take to ship after authentication passed?

StockX strives to complete all orders within 7-12 business days, (that doesn’t include weekends or holidays), however, most orders are completed sooner. Shipping times vary depending on how quickly the seller sends the item to us to be authenticated.

What happens after StockX authentication?

Once a product arrives to StockX from the seller, our dedicated verification team begins a thorough inspection, making sure it meets our condition guidelines. They receive constant training and industry updates to remain experts. Only after being verified will the product be sent to the buyer.

How long does StockX give sellers to ship?

New release sneakers and streetwear are given 3 business days. Supreme releases are given 5 business days to ship due to the nature of Supreme’s shipping turnaround after a drop. All other items, including sneakers sold after the day or weekend of their original release, will have 2 business days to ship.

Is StockX good at authentication?

StockX boasts a group of more than 300 authenticators across 11 authentication locations who have a 99.95 percent accuracy rate, according to FN. … The company’s sneaker authentication process mixes human expertise with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

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How long does an authenticator is verifying your item take?

Within two business days of receiving the item, the authenticator will verify the authenticity and condition of the returned item to confirm that it matches the item originally sent to you.

Why does StockX take so long to ship?

StockX is experiencing delays in shipping and authenticating as well as in payouts for buyers and sellers. The company confirmed on its website that shipments could be delayed for two to three weeks because of high demand and COVID-19 headwinds.

What happens if StockX doesn’t ship?

If something happens and your item can’t be delivered within a reasonable amount of time, we will attempt to find you another one at no additional cost. If we are unable to do so we will provide you with a full refund, which is typically processed in 3-7 business days to the original payment method used.

Why is StockX taking so long?

Due to the unforeseen impact from COVID-19, order processing at our authentication centers may be subject to slight delays. In some cases, we are proactively rerouting orders to the facilities best equipped to support them in real-time.

Is it possible to get scammed on StockX?

Founded in 2015, StockX is an online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, streetwear, watches, and designer handbags. … StockX authenticates all products before they’re sent to you, so you never have to worry about scammers and fake items.

Where are the StockX authentication centers?

StockX currently has international offices in London, UK, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and has authentication facilities in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, Moonachie, NJ, and Tempe, AZ.

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Can StockX sell fake?

We’re not sponsored by StockX and thus this isn’t a biased review but a company the size of StockX, a market leader, can’t afford to deal in fakes because their entire value is dependent on being an authentic marketplace. Therefore, it isn’t in StockX’s interest to sell you fakes.

Does StockX send confirmation emails?

This is where we ask for the usual personal information: email, name, username, password. We also ask for your date of birth so that we can confirm your identity and make sure you’re over 18. Once you fill out this information, you’ll get a confirmation email.

Does StockX combine shipping?

StockX is not responsible for multiple items shipped together by users not eligible for bulk shipping, packages NOT shipped with UPS, and multiple items shipped under the same tracking number. … All items must be purchased separately and will ship accordingly.