Is ActiveSync modern authentication?

ActiveSync is an older protocol that does not support modern authentication which is required for multi-factor authentication flow. No multi-factor authentication system can support it. The dilemma is that basically all smartphones use ActiveSync for the default email client when connecting to an Exchange mailbox.

Does Exchange ActiveSync use basic authentication?

Older protocols like Exchange ActiveSync, EWS and MAPI can also still be used with basic authentication overriding MFA/Modern Authentication. … This complexity presents a major challenge in balancing support for email applications preferred by end-users and enforcing MFA across the entire Office 365 environment.

What are modern authentication methods?

What is modern authentication? Modern authentication is an umbrella term for a combination of authentication and authorization methods between a client (for example, your laptop or your phone) and a server, as well as some security measures that rely on access policies that you may already be familiar with.

Is ActiveSync a legacy protocol?

Legacy authentication protocols

Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) – Used to connect to mailboxes in Exchange Online. … Exchange Web Services (EWS) – A programming interface that’s used by Outlook, Outlook for Mac, and third-party apps. IMAP4 – Used by IMAP email clients.

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Is OAuth the same as modern authentication?

Modern authentication is based on the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and OAuth 2.0. … They don’t use modern authentication. Notes: Modern authentication is enabled by default in Exchange Online, Skype for Business Online, and SharePoint Online.

Is ActiveSync deprecated?

Exchange ActiveSync on Native Email App for Android

This App will not be able to be used after the “Deprecation of Exchange Online Basic Authentication” after the second half of 2021. We recommend customers to use the Outlook Application provided by Microsoft for Android devices.

Is ActiveSync going away?

Microsoft still plans to turn off basic auth for Exchange Web Services, Exchange ActiveSync, POP3, IMAP4, and Remote PowerShell on October 13, 2020.

How do I know if I am using modern authentication?

In the General tab of the Outlook Connection Status window, look for the column labeled AUTHN. If AUTHN shows “Bearer,” it means Modern Auth is being used. If AUTHN shows “Clear,” it means Basic Auth is being used and you’ll want to check to make sure your Office 365 tenant has Modern Auth enabled.

How do you find modern authentication?

Enable Modern Authentication Office 365

  1. Open the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  2. Expand Settings and click on Org Settings.
  3. Select Modern authentication.
  4. Turn on modern authentication for Outlook 2013 for Windows and later.
  5. Click on Save.

Is SAML modern authentication?

Modern Authentication is not a single authentication method, but instead a category of several different protocols that aim to enhance the security posture of cloud-based resources. Some examples of Modern Authentication protocols are SAML, WS-Federation, and OAuth.

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Does MAPI over HTTP support modern authentication?

MAPI over HTTP supports both basic or modern authentication. OAB (Offline Address Book).

Does IMAP support modern authentication?

Microsoft recently announced the Exchange Online capability to use OAuth authentication for POP and IMAP and SMTP protocols. … This is because Outlook supports Modern authentication for only Exchange,, and Gmail at this time.

Is IMAP a legacy authentication?

Legacy authentication is a term that refers to an authentication request made by: Older Office clients that do not use modern authentication (for example, Office 2010 client) Any client that uses legacy mail protocols such as IMAP/SMTP/POP3.

Is Kerberos modern authentication?

Kerberos is a ticket-based authentication system for exchanging information. The announcement listed a bunch of other old protocols to block when using Exchange Server 2019, including things like Exchange Active Sync, IMAP and POP3. IT pros can use PowerShell cmdlets to enforce the protocol blocking.

What is basic auth vs OAuth?

Basic Authentication vs. OAuth: Key Differences. Microsoft is moving away from the password-based Basic Authentication in Exchange Online and will be disabling it in the near future. Instead, applications will have to use the OAuth 2.0 token-based Modern Authentication to continue with these services.

Is Outlook an OAuth?

OAuth provides Outlook with a secure mechanism to access Microsoft 365 or Office 365, without needing or storing a user’s credentials. For more information, see the Office Blog post New access and security controls for Outlook for iOS and Android.