Question: Can I get my smart ID at capitec bank?

Can you apply for your ID at capitec?

The service is now available across seven FNB branches, including Merchant Place (Gauteng), Centurion Lifestyle (Gauteng), Lynnwood (Gauteng), Greenpoint (Western Cape), Burgersfort (Limpopo), The Glen (Gauteng) and now Cornubia (KwaZulu-Natal).

Where can I do my smart ID card?

19 new bank branches where you can get your South African smart ID and passport in 2020

  • Absa. …
  • FNB. …
  • Nedbank. …
  • Standard Bank. …
  • Current E-Home Affairs branches.

Which banks work with Home Affairs?


  • ABSA BANK – CENTURION LIFE STYLE CENTRE – PRETORIA Office Manager: Marilyn Masindi. …
  • ABSA TOWERS – JOHANNESBURG Office Manager: Lebo Moloantoa. …
  • FNB TOWERS – JOHANNESBURG Office Manager: Lebo Moloantoa. …
  • FNB – CENTURION LIFE STYLE CENTRE – PRETORIA Office Manager: La-Toya Shilubane.

Can I apply for my sa ID online?

Through Home Affairs’ online application system and partnership with banks, applying for a smart ID card has become a little easier. … e-Home Affairs allows people who are aged between 30 and 35 years old to apply for their smart ID cards and passports, upload supporting documents and pay for their applications online.

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How do I get a new ID?

You have the option of replacing a lost, damaged or stolen state ID card online through e-Services. You must be a U.S. citizen with a valid Social Security number. Replacement ID cards can only be mailed to your residence address. For more information, select “Replace State ID Card” from the online services home page.

How long does it take to get a smart card ID in South Africa?

How long does it take for an applicant to receive a Smart ID Card? 14 Working days from date of application provided it is a straight forward application, meeting all the requirements.

How much is a smart card ID?

Smart ID. Western Cape Home Affairs Offices. Applying for a Smart ID.

Applying for an Identity Document.

Types of Applications Cost of Applications Photographs
Smart ID Card (all other citizens) R140 No photos needed
Replacement of an ID or Smart Card R140 Two identical ID photos
Temporary ID R70 Two identical ID photos

Is capitec linked to Home Affairs?

All of South Africa’s biggest banks – with the exception of Capitec – offer the E-Home Affairs service at a handful of their branches. Absa, FNB, Nedbank, and Standard Bank have had multiple branches supporting the service for several years.

How do I get my South African ID without a birth certificate?

* If you don’t have a birth certificate

  1. Completed forms DHA-24, DHA-24/A x 2 and DHA-288 to register the birth. …
  2. If you are a citizen, you need to bring your valid South African ID.
  3. If you don’t have a valid South African ID, you need to submit Form BI-9 to apply for an ID.
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