Question: How do I enter tokens?

How do you enter a token on a prepaid meter?

The meter token is what you use to load the Prepaid Meter. When you have your token, go to your Prepaid Meter, open the card door of your unit and insert the meter smart card. Then enter the PIN code that is on your token and voila – your digital power consumption device is recharged.

How do I load KPLC tokens via mpesa?

How to Buy Kenya Power (KPLC) Prepaid Tokens via M-PESA Paybill Number 888880.

  1. Go to Safaricom SIM Tool Kit, select M-PESA menu, select “Lipa na M-PESA“
  2. Select “Pay Bill“
  3. Select “Enter Business no.“, Enter KPLC’s Lipa na M-PESA PayBill Number 888880 and press “OK”

How do I load a prepaid token?

How do I load the pre-payment meter with electricity? When you purchase electricity you will receive a slip, an SMS or an e-mail (depending on the method of purchase). This slip will include the meter number and a 20 digit token. Punch the 20 digit token number into the meter, followed by the enter button.

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How do I activate token?

Option 1: Scan QR Code

For the HID Approve (Soft token) tap on the mobile device screen to be able to scan the QR code on your registration screen using the just downloaded HID Approve APP from the online stores. Once QR code is scanend successfully, Go For It.

How do I load PHED prepaid meter tokens?

How to recharge a PHED prepaid meter online

  1. Go to your browser and enter
  2. Click on (PHED)Port Harcourt Electricity Company prepaid.
  3. Enter your meter number correctly.
  4. Input your phone number and email address.
  5. Fill in your Mastercard/Visa card details appropriately in the box provided.

Why is my token not working?

If you see a red blinking light, or when there is no light, this means the Token is not working. You need to replace your Token if it is lost, faulty, damaged, or when the battery is low. Please bring in your faulty/damaged Token and original ID with barcode for replacement.

How do I insert numbers into tokens?

Follow these steps on how to load a KPLC token number: Key in the digits into the meter by pressing the keypads of the respective numbers provided and press ‘Enter’ It will take a few seconds, and if you have entered each number carefully, then it should ‘Accept’, and your units should increase instantly.

How can I load my prepaid meter Online?

Choose your electricity supplier. Fill in your prepaid meter details, which includes your name, meter name, and location. Choose an online payment method and fill in the promoted details, including bank name, credit card type, and number. Enter your One-Time password sent to your phone to confirm payment.

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Why is my KPLC token not loading?

Solution 1: Ensure you plug in your meter to the socket (not extension). If this fails, look for RECHARGEABLE batteries, plug in to the socket. Solution 2: Ensure that the CIU cable is not faulty by using another CIU cable then plug it back to the socket.

How do I load KPLC prepaid tokens?

Loading The Token Via Vendor

  1. Check your meter number by dialing 100 on the meter and it will be displayed.
  2. Visit the vendor and make payment for your choice.
  3. Give the vendor your meter number.
  4. Collect the 20 digit token from the vendor.
  5. Load the token on your meter and it is done.

How do I buy electricity tokens online?


  1. Open your Equitel Menu.
  2. Select Eazzy Pay.
  3. Choose Pay Bill.
  4. Select the Equity bank account number you wish to make the kplc token payment from.
  5. Select KPLC Tokens as the business number.
  6. Type your KPLC Prepaid Meter Number.
  7. Click.
  8. Type the amount you want to pay to kplc (minimum kshs. 100 and maximum kshs. 500000).

How do I buy prepaid electricity with my phone?

STEP 1: Dial *120*321# on your cellphone. Follow the prompts and select/enter option 1 (Prepaid). STEP 2: Select Electricity. STEP 3: Select Enter Electricity.

How do I register my Maybank token?

Activate your Security Token

  1. Visit our website at via a desktop computer and select “First Time Login” after clicking on the “Login” button.
  2. Enter your Access ID/ATM/Debit/Credit Card number and PIN and click on “Continue”
  3. Select a new Username and Password and click on “Confirm”
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How do I unlock my Maybank token?

Get in touch at 1800-MAYBANK (1800-629 2265) / +65 6533 5229 (overseas) immediately to disable your Online/ Mobile Banking access. You may call us to re-enable your access after you have re-activated your mobile number.

How can I register my mobile token in Standard Chartered Bank?

Simply download the latest Standard Chartered Mobile app.

  1. Log in to your Standard Chartered Mobile app and you will be prompted to register.
  2. An SMS with OTP will be sent to you.
  3. Key in your new 6 digit Standard Chartered Mobile Key Pin.
  4. Re-enter your 6-digit Standard Chartered Mobile Key Pin.