Quick Answer: Do you need a Blizzard authenticator?

Here at Blizzard we take account security seriously, which is why we recommend all accounts have an authenticator attached. Two-Factor Authentication such as this makes it much harder for someone to access your account as login required not only your password but a physical item such as a phone or a token.

Is Blizzard Authenticator necessary?

If you prefer to enter a code at every login, visit the authenticator page in Battle.net Account Management, and check Require an authenticator code every time you log in to the game.

What does Blizzard Authenticator do?

The Authenticator app provides a one-touch button experience so you can approve or decline any login attempt. With the Mobile Authenticator, you can rest easy knowing that your Battle.net account is more secure.

Do you need Blizzard Authenticator to play warzone?

The new two-factor authentication is only required for new Call of Duty Warzone players. However, existing players can opt to add the security feature to add an additional layer of protection from hackers. To enable the feature: Enter the website https://account.blizzard.com/security.

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How do I get rid of Blizzard Authenticator?

If you still have access to your account and authenticator, you can Manage Security Options on your account to remove or update it. If you can’t log in to your account, we can help you remove your authenticator. Note: Blizzard Phone Notifications will help you log in if you have problems with your authenticator.

How do I get Blizzard Authenticator on my PC?

Once you have installed the app on your smartphone, go back to your web browser on your PC and, on the “Add an Authenticator” page, click or tap the “Set up your authenticator” link from the right side. The first step in configuring the Blizzard Authenticator is to verify your email. Click or tap Continue.

Can you use Google Authenticator with Blizzard?

Blizzard’s Battle.net service uses a different two-factor authentication implementation – Blizzard offers their own mobile app instead of using Google Authenticator. … You can’t use the above apps for Battle.net, so you’ll need to use another app.

How long do Blizzard Authenticators last?

I am still using the Authenticator from the first Blizzcon, at this point its almost 10 years old (and the battery CR2032 in it is rated to last 5-7 years).

When did Blizzard introduce authenticator?

2010 saw the release of the Blizzard Authenticator app on iOS and Android which provided the exact same service without the need to purchase a physical device.

When did Blizzard Authenticator come out?

Unsupported devices

Originally, Blizzard officially supported the authenticator for Windows Phone and BlackBerry but was later discontinued and no longer updated. The first version for the Blackberry was released on March 8, 2010, while the last version was on February 28, 2011.

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Is 2FA required for Warzone?

Two-factor-authentication is going to become mandatory for console Warzone players, as is already the case for PC. But this is a good thing for the users; for their own security, 2FA is invaluable.

Why is Warzone two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security which requires two methods of identification to verify your identity. This way, someone can’t simply hack into your account by stealing your username and password.

How do you make a 2FA Cold War?

Enable 2FA for Call of Duty: Warzone

  1. Open up Activision’s 2FA page.
  2. Click on ‘Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Sign into the Activision account. …
  4. Once done, find and install Google Authenticator App on the mobile device – it is available for both Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

What is overwatch license?

When a player launches Overwatch, it checks for a license when it logs into the server. A Battle.net account must have an active license to be allowed to connect to the servers and play the game normally. In fact, an account needs a license even to download the game in the first place.

How do I transfer my authenticator to a new phone?

How to move Microsoft Authenticator to a new phone

  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on old mobile.
  2. Tap on the three-dotted icon and go to Settings.
  3. Toggle Cloud backup or iCloud backup option.
  4. Add a recovery account.
  5. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on the new mobile.
  6. Tap on the BEGIN RECOVERY button.

How do I transfer my wow authenticator to a new phone?

I just did it myself: You’ll have to remove the authenticator from your previous phone device from your Blizzard account (by first confirming a few codes from it), and then add the new one (by entering the serial number and authentication code) once you’ve installed the app on your new device.

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