What can happen at a Token Ring station?

Explanation : In Token ring, when a frame reaches its destination station, the entire message is copied and four bits in the packet are changed.

Is it possible for a Token Ring network to have collisions?

While the information frame is circling the ring, there is no token on the network (unless the ring supports early token release), so other stations wishing to transmit must wait. Therefore, collisions cannot occur in Token Ring networks.

What are the possible disadvantages of token ring over Ethernet?


  • If one workstation slows down also, the entire network will get collapsed.
  • The transfer of data must pass on each network’s workstation. …
  • A small or single disturbance in the network can cause failure in the whole network.
  • Hardware will be needed to connect between workstations in the network.

How does a token ring work?

A token-ring network is a local area network (LAN) topology that sends data in one direction throughout a specified number of locations by using a token. … The switch then establishes a dedicated connection between the two stations, enabling data to be transmitted and received at the same time.

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What is the max speed for a Token Ring network?

Token Ring networks typically operate at speeds of 4 or 16 Mbps, although speeds of up to 100 Mbps are possible with equipment from some vendors.

How collision is avoided in Token Ring?

Token Ring eliminates collision by the use of a single-use token and early token release to alleviate the down time. Ethernet alleviates collision by carrier sense multiple access and by the use of an intelligent switch; primitive Ethernet devices like hubs can precipitate collisions due to repeating traffic blindly.

What type of media is used by Token Ring?

Token Bus (IEEE 802.4) is a standard for implementing token ring over virtual ring in LANs. The physical media has a bus or a tree topology and uses coaxial cables.

Differences between Token Ring and Token Bus.

Token Ring Token Bus
It is defined by IEEE 802.5 standard. It is defined by IEEE 802.4 standard.

What are the disadvantages of a ring network?

Disadvantages of Ring topology :

  • Due to the Uni-directional Ring, a data packet (token) must have to pass through all the nodes.
  • If one workstation shuts down, it affects whole network or if a node goes down entire network goes down.
  • It is slower in performance as compared to the bus topology.
  • It is Expensive.

Why did Token Ring fail?

Probably the main reason why Token Ring failed however was pricing. IBM charged too much for royalties to vendors that wanted to produce Token Ring cards and MAUs. This made all Token Ring equipment too expensive. A Token Ring card could cost 5 and 6 times as much as an Ethernet card.

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What is the difference between token ring and Ethernet?

An important distinction between the two topologies is that token ring is a token-passing system in which only one workstation can talk at a time. … Ethernet is a Collission Sense Multiple Access/Collission Detection (CSMA/CD) topology.

How many token can exist in a ring network?

Because only one token exists in the network, it is easy to manage. This method has been standardized as IEEE 802.5 token-ring method. In IEEE 802.5, while a free token is processed bit by bit by using a shift register, the free token is changed to a busy one, after which a frame is issued.

What are the advantages of token with rings passing approach?

i) One processor as coordinator which handles all requests. ii) No starvation if the ring is unidirectional. iii) There are many messages passed per section entered if few users want to get in section. iv) One processor as coordinator which handles all requests.

Can Token Ring networking be supported with fiber optic cable?

Currently Token Ring networks can support either 4Mbps or 16Mbps. They cannot support both at the same time (unlike Ethernet with 100/1000 Mbps). FDDI was designed for fiber optic cable, later adopting copper cabling. … The one can only imagine how big are the complications for this kind of cabling.

How token can be passed in Ring topology?

The token ring topology uses an access method called token passing. For any station on the ring to transmit, it must first possess a token. Sent as a unit complete with address and necessary protocol control information, it consists of three fields circulating on the ring until a station captures and removes it.

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