What is a double battle pass token?

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players can get two separate one-hour long double XP battle pass tokens for signing up for two-factor authentication for their Activision accounts. … Two-factor authentication isn’t mandatory to keep playing either game, but it will make your account much more secure.

What is a double battle pass XP token in Warzone?

Double Weapon XP – When this state is active, you will earn experience points at double the rate for Weapon Levels. … Earn 2XP (also known as “Double XP”) tokens by completing challenges in-game, or by redeeming Activision codes. Use a 2XP Token by equipping it from the Warzone menu.

Does Double XP token work for Battlepass?

Finally, it’s worth flagging that double XP doesn’t appear to affect your battle pass progression at all. You earn some of these bonuses through activating the battle pass itself, so there’s no advantage for players who have bought the premium track of the battle pass system.

Does Call of Duty have 2FA?

Log in to your Call of Duty account on the Activision website – either via typing in your Activision account details, or through an account linked to another platform (PlayStation, Xbox, Battle.net, or Steam). Make your way over to the two-factor authentication setup page. Click ‘Set up Two-Factor Authentication’.

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How do I claim a battle Pass gift?

After you’ve sent the gift, the giftee will need to visit the ‘Battle Pass’ tab in-game and redeem their Battle Pass token. They’ll start from tier 0 of the reward track and can begin unlocking the exclusive rewards.

Does XP affect battle pass?

Battle Pass Tiers and Seasons: XP also plays a role in Battle Pass Tier progression. While the system is also related to the amount of time you play, completing actions that would earn XP – i.e. kills and contracts – will factor into a faster Tier earning rate.

How do you turn on 2FA on call of duty modern warfare?

Enable 2FA for Call of Duty: Warzone

  1. Open up Activision’s 2FA page.
  2. Click on ‘Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Sign into the Activision account. …
  4. Once done, find and install Google Authenticator App on the mobile device – it is available for both Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

Do battle pass tokens carry over wot?

Battle pass tokens DO NOT carry over to 2022 (A Saxsan4™ Thread) – Gameplay – World of Tanks official forum.

Can you use a double XP token on double XP weekend?

Using tokens during a double XP weekend is the perfect opportunity to earn four times the normal amount of XP. Prior to jumping into a multiplayer game or dropping into Verdansk, activate a double XP token to double the amount of XP on top the double XP already live and reach the maximum Officer rank in no time at all.