When should you provide the back up reinforcer in a token system?

When your child earns one token, then give him the backup reinforcer. Then, remove one of the tokens so that he has to earn two tokens to get the reinforcer. Continue until he is comfortable working for all of the tokens to earn the reinforcer.

When using a token economy What do you need to consider about the backup reinforcer?

A backup reinforcer is an activity, item or privilege that the child likes and enjoys. The token economy works because the tokens become paired with the earning of the back-up reinforcers and the child only gets tokens for engaging in desired behaviours (Miltenberger, 2008).

What is a back up reinforcer?

A backup reinforcer is an activity, item or privilege that the child enjoys. It acts as a reward. The token economy is effective because the child soon makes the association between the back-up reinforcers and the tokens for engaging in the desired behaviors.

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What should backup reinforcers be exchanged for?

A backup reinforcer is a reward in exchange for earned tokens (associated with a token economy reward system). This is used in behavior modification; for instance, a patient who practices good hygiene is given a chip as a token of his adaptive behavior.

When setting up a token economy it is best to?

Here’s how to create your token economy system:

  • Break the day down into smaller chunks of time. …
  • Choose up to three behaviors to address at one time. …
  • Create an appealing reward menu with a variety of items. …
  • Frame the desired behaviors in a positive way. …
  • Physically hand a token to your child whenever he earns one.

What are the necessary elements of a token economy?

One effective method of reinforcement is the use of “token economies.” Token economies have three major components: 1) a behavior or behaviors someone needs to exhibit; 2) tokens or points earned for engaging in those behaviors; and 3) exchanging tokens or points for a choice of reinforcing rewards.

When selecting backup reinforcers one should?

Selecting backup reinforcers -Select reinforcers that are readily available, can be used over and over again without causing rapid satiation, does not require a great deal of time to consume, etc.

What is a back up reinforcer ABA?


: An object or event that already has demonstrated its capability to reinforce an individual’s behavior. It is received in exchange for a specific number of tokens, points, or other exchangeable reinforcers. For example, points might be exchanged for the back-up reinforcer of free time. 10.

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What is a back up reinforcer quizlet?

3) A backup reinforcer is a reinforcer on which a conditioned reinforcer is based. In a token system it is a reinforcer for which tokens can be exchanged in order to maintain their reinforcing power.

Which of the following schedules for exchanging tokens for back up reinforcers might be best for a class of 5th graders?

Which of the following schedules for exchanging tokens for back-up reinforcers might be best for a class of 5th graders? Once a week.

What do you know about backup?

In information technology, a backup, or data backup is a copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. The verb form, referring to the process of doing so, is “back up”, whereas the noun and adjective form is “backup”.

How are back up reinforcers obtained in a token economy quizlet?

Delivered to a person immediately after a desirable behaviors, accumulated by the person, and later exchanged for backup reinforcer. … Only obtained by paying for them with tokens., tokens can only be obtained by exhibiting desirable behaviors.

How does a token become a conditioned reinforcer?

A token is something delivered to a person immediately after a desirable behavior has been performed. Tokens can be accumulated and eventually exchanged for backup reinforcers. … This causes the tokens to become a conditioned reinforcer for desirable behavior.

How effective is token economy?

A token economy has proven effective in increasing attentiveness and motivation in completion of tasks for children with developmental disabilities. Research shows it can help to diminish disruptive behavior and promote social behavior.

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What is the primary purpose of a token economy?

Purpose. The primary goal of a token economy is to increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behavior. Often token economies are used in institutional settings (such as psychiatric hospitals or correctional facilities) to manage the behavior of individuals who may be aggressive or unpredictable.