When should you refresh JWT token?

When should I renew my JWT token?

A good pattern is to refresh the token before it expires. Set the token expiration to one week and refresh the token every time the user opens the web application and every one hour. If a user doesn’t open the application for more than a week, they will have to login again and this is acceptable web application UX.

Should I refresh token on every request?

No, you don’t need to refresh the token on each request. But you definitely want your JWTs to expire at some point. This is to protect you from JWT theft where malicious user could use stolen access token to gain access to target resource indefinitely.

When should I send my refresh token?

When you do log in, send 2 tokens (Access token, Refresh token) in response to the client. The access token will have less expiry time and Refresh will have long expiry time.

How do I refresh JWT tokens?

In the URL field enter the address to the refresh token route of your local API – http://localhost:4000/users/refresh-token . Click the Send button, you should receive a “200 OK” response containing the user details and a JWT token, and a cookie containing a new refresh token.

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How long should a refresh token last?

The refresh token is set with a very long expiration time of 200 days. If the traffic to this API is 10 requests/second, then it can generate as many as 864,000 tokens in a day.

What is a JWT refresh token?

Refresh token: The refresh token is used to generate a new access token. Typically, if the access token has an expiration date, once it expires, the user would have to authenticate again to obtain an access token.

What happens when JWT token expires?

The JWT access token is only valid for a finite period of time. Using an expired JWT will cause operations to fail.

How long should JWT tokens last?

JWT Token has an expiration of 2 hours. The token is refreshed every hour by the client. If the user token is not refreshed (user is inactive and the app is not open) and expires, they will need to log in whenever they want to resume.

Should you store refresh token in DB?

Store refresh tokens in a secure location, such as a password-protected file system or an encrypted database. Limit access to users who need the tokens to make API calls. If you believe that a refresh token has been accessed by an unauthorized user, delete it and create a new one.

How do I know if my JWT token is expired?

There are two ways to check if Token is expired or not. I will show you the implementations of both ways. – For 1, we check the token expiration every time the Route changes and call App component logout method. – For 2, we dispatch logout event to App component when response status tells us the token is expired.

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How can I get JWT token expiration time?

Token Expiration Date

  1. In order to obtain the expiration date, you will need to decode the JWT. You will also need to extract the exp field to get your JWT lifetime.
  2. You will need to refresh your JWT before its expiration date.

What happens when refresh token expires?

The member must reauthorize your application when refresh tokens expire. When you use a refresh token to generate a new access token, the lifespan or Time To Live (TTL) of the refresh token remains the same as specified in the initial OAuth flow (365 days), and the new access token has a new TTL of 60 days.