Why is my Apple ID disabled and how do I fix it?

Why is my Apple ID showing disabled?

Apple automatically disables Apple IDs when someone tries to log in too many times using the wrong password, security question, or other account information. This can happen if you forget your password or accidentally type the wrong password too many times.

How long will my Apple account be disabled?

It’s a security feature for Apple devices that when someone has entered the wrong passwords for multiple times, your Apple ID will be disabled. If you are in this situation, the best thing you can do is to wait 24 hours and try again. ▶Frequently sign in & out the same account in different Apple devices.

How do I restore my Apple account?

Visit Apple’s Support Sites

Go to Find Apple ID to unlock and reset your account. This process requires you to either authenticate your ID by email or answer the security question(s) provided when you created your Apple ID. This recovery process should restore your account in a jiffy.

How do I reset my Apple ID password if I don’t have my phone?

Go to your Apple ID account page and click “Forgot Apple ID or password.” Enter your Apple ID, select the option to reset your password, then choose Continue. Did you forget your Apple ID? Choose a trusted device.* We’ll send your device a verification code.

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How long does Apple ID recovery?

Account recovery is a process designed to get you back into your Apple ID account when you don’t have enough information to reset your password. For security reasons, it might take several days or longer before you can use your account again.

How do you Undisable your iTunes account?

Click on “iTunes Store: Purchasing music, movies, apps, and books.” Select “Account Management.” Choose “Account disabled in the App Store and iTunes Store alert.” Schedule a call with Apple Support.

When using your Mac:

  1. App Store > Sign Out.
  2. iTunes > Sign Out.
  3. Sign in on both again using the new access details.

How can I unlock my Apple ID password?

If you can’t change or reset your password

  1. Go to iforgot.apple.com.
  2. Enter your Apple ID. …
  3. Select the option to reset your password, then choose Continue.
  4. Choose to answer your security questions, get an email, or enter your Recovery Key.* Learn what to do if you don’t receive your verification or reset email.

How do I recover my Apple ID if I forgot my email?

How to recover your Apple ID if you’ve forgotten your email address and questions

  1. Go to the Apple ID Support page and select the Start your support request online link for your country.
  2. Click on Forgotten Apple ID security questions and follow the onscreen prompts.

Can you change your Apple ID password?

Tap Settings > [your name] > Password & Security. Tap Change Password. Enter your current password or device passcode, then enter a new password and confirm the new password.

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