Why we must use authentic materials in classroom?

Authentic materials provide real-life examples of language used in everyday situations. They can be used to add more interest for the learner. They can serve as a reminder to learners that there is an entire population who use the target language in their everyday lives.

Why is it important to use authentic material in a class?

To sum up the advantages, my teaching colleagues feel that authentic materials: Help prepare learners for the ‘real’ world of communication; Guide learners toward the language they need for their particular context; Motivate learners to communicate, because they help make communication ‘real’.

Why is authenticity important in teaching?

Perhaps more importantly, at-risk students are positively impacted by teachers they perceive as authentic in their communication. By teaching authentically, teachers may create more meaningful experiences and deeper learning for all students in a variety of settings and across disciplines, the authors conclude.

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What are the five advantages of using authentic materials in a writing classroom?

Basically, authentic materials provide the following benefits:

  • motivation to learning;
  • authentic cultural information;
  • real language presentation;
  • creative approach to teaching [3, 4, 6, 7].

How important are the authentic materials in our English classes?

Authentic material is any material written in English that was not created for intentional use in the English language classroom. Using this content to teach the English language can make the learning process even more engaging, imaginative and motivating for students.

Why should teachers utilize authentic materials rather than artificial ones?

The main advantages of using authentic materials in the classroom therefore include: – having a positive effect on student motivation; – giving authentic cultural information; – exposing students to real language; – relating more closely to students’ needs; – supporting a more creative approach to teaching.

What are the advantages of created materials?

Created materials can also be motivating for learners. Authentic materials often contain difficult language. Created materials may be superior to authentic materials because they are generally built around a graded syllabus. Using authentic materials is a burden for teachers.

What makes teaching authentic?

Authenticity in teaching involves features such as being genuine; becoming more self-aware; being defined by one’s self rather than by others’ expectations; bringing parts of oneself into interactions with students; and critically reflecting on self, others, relationships and context, and so forth. …

What is your idea about authentic learning?

The basic idea is that students are more likely to be interested in what they are learning, more motivated to learn new concepts and skills, and better prepared to succeed in college, careers, and adulthood if what they are learning mirrors real-life contexts, equips them with practical and useful skills, and addresses …

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What makes a teacher more authentic?

Teachers are perceived as authentic when they know what they are talking about and can translate subject matter to the students’ knowledge level (expertise). Second, authentic teachers are passionate about what they teach (passion).

Why is authentic material important for reading?

Reading authentic texts also gives your students exposure to the target-language culture. … Well-chosen authentic reading materials provide meaningful content that is relevant; it connects with your students because it relates to their lives in a way that allows them to think both about the material and themselves.

What is authentic material in language teaching?

Authentic language materials are simply texts, audio and video that have been designed for native language speakers.

Why are authentic texts important?

An important distinction between authentic and contrived text is how readers engage with it and children learn from it. … Authentic text helps students understand how language works in the real world, and invites them to take part in that world by moving in, out, and through the world of ideas and living language.

How does using authentic material give students confidence?

Give your students authentic materials to boost their confidence and experience “real” language with the support of constructive feedback. … Authentic materials will no-doubt expose your students to culture, so you can actually take the context into consideration instead of just looking at how language is used.

How do you use authentic materials?


  1. Read the text and chose the key words and phrases. …
  2. On the internet, find a video or audio related to the same topic and while listening, write down the key words and phrases. …
  3. Write or record a review and/or recommendation of the article/video.
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Why is material development important?

Material development play such a central role in EFL learning because they effectively mediate between the course content, the teacher and pupils. … … Material development play such a central role in EFL learning because they effectively mediate between the course content, the teacher and pupils.