You asked: How do I use RSA token converter on Android?

How do I activate my RSA token on Android?

On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app. Search for “RSA SecurID Software Token”.

Next time you’re asked for a SecurID passcode:

  1. Open your RSA SecurID Software Token app.
  2. Enter your PIN, then click the arrow button.
  3. Enter the passcode into Online Banking for Business before it expires.

How do I open a Sdtid file on my phone?

Follow the steps outlined here to import the sdtid file provided by IT to your android device.

  1. Download the TokenConverter Java program and extract it. ( …
  2. Locate the . …
  3. Run the TokenConverter program with the following arguments: …
  4. Open the QR code image and scan it with your phone using the Official RSA app.

How do I transfer my RSA token to my new phone?


  1. Sign into RSA SecurID Access My Page. Your administrator sends the URL to you.
  2. Select Security key, Windows Hello, or Android phone from the drop-down list, and click Get Started. Follow the instructions. For example, you might need to insert the security key into the USB port and tap the security key.

What program opens a Sdtid file?

An SDTID file is a soft token file used by RSA SecurID Software Token, an application used to authenticate a user’s identity and manage their access to a network.

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How do I use Sdtid files?

Check “Launch RSA SecurID Token for Windows Desktops” and click “Finish”. Click “Import from File”. Click “Browse”, and browse to the location of the . sdtid file that was emailed to you by the NSS Helpdesk.

How do I transfer my RSA token from Android to email?

In your device Mail application, open the e-mail that you received from with the Subject line: RSA SecurID Android token activation details enclosed. 2. Tap the Click here to activate your token hyperlink in the email to import your token.

How does QR code authentication work?

QR Code Authentication utilizes a QR code on a printed badge that acts as a contactless card. Instead of using a traditional card reader, a computer’s internal camera is utilized to read the QR code badge—no additional hardware required.