Your question: What is IPO client ID?

Client ID : This is your 8-digit Demat account number. This is applicable for NSDL only. Beneficiary DP account number : It is the 16-digit Demat account number.

How do I find my client ID?

A client ID is a unique eight-digit number generated by the depository participants to easily identify their clients. This number is generated by using the in-house formula of your chosen brokerage house.

How do I find my client ID and DP ID?

This account number is a 16 digit alphanumeric code. The first 8 letters is your DP ID and the last 8 digits is your Client ID. The Client ID along with your DP ID gives you a demat account a unique identification in the depository (CDSL or NSDL) where you have your demat account.

What is client ID in Zerodha for IPO?

The first 8 digits of the Demat account number are known as DP id and the remaining 8 digits are known as a client ID or BO ID in Zerodha. You can find them in the Zerodha console dashboard. The DP ID for Zerodha is common for everyone who opened their account after 15th September 2015, it is 12081600.

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Is trading code and client ID Same?

The 7 character client code that you get is connected to the trading account that you have opened with Finvasia. That will be required by you to operate your platforms and back office. But the client ID number is the code for your CDSL demat account. So both are quite different.

How do I find my NSDL client ID?

Enter the following details on the registration page:

  1. DP ID (of your DP where you have opened your demat account)
  2. Client ID (i.e. provided by your DP)
  3. Choose your own User ID (between 3 to 8 characters)
  4. User Name.
  5. Email ID.
  6. Password and Confirm Password (between 8 to 16 characters), both alphanumeric.

What is Google client ID?

The Client ID (cid) is a unique identifier for a browser–device pair that helps Google Analytics link user actions on a site. By default, Google Analytics determines unique users using this parameter.

What is DP ID in IPO application?

The DP ID is the number assigned to the depository participant by the depository. The DP ID is different from the 16-digit demat account number. Typically, the first eight digits of the demat account number are the DP ID. The demat account numbers provided by NSDL and CDSL can be easily identified.

What is client ID in HDFC demat account?

BOID or Beneficiary Owner Identification Number is a 16-digit number used to identify your Demat account, which is unique for every client. The first 8 digits are the Depository Participant ID, and the last 8 digits are the client ID with the DP.

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What is client ID in Axis Direct?

Usually, your DP ID is the initial 8-digits of your demat account number, whereas your customer ID is the latter 8-digits of your demat account number. … For example, if your demat account number for CDSL is 0123456789101112, then your DP ID is 01234567 and your customer ID is 789101112.

Is client ID and BOID same?

The BO ID in Angel Broking is the customer’s CDSL demat account number. It is a 16 digit number that consists of 8 digits DP ID and 8 digits Client ID. The BOID (demat account number) can be found in demat statements or by login on to the Angel Broking website’s profile section. … The last 8 digits is a unique client ID.

Is client ID and userid same in Zerodha?

Your login ID for the Coin app is the same as your Zerodha login ID. You would’ve received an email with your login credentials when you would’ve opened your account.

What is my CDSL client ID in Zerodha?

Steps to get BO ID in Zerodha

  1. Login to Zerodha Kite Website or Mobile App.
  2. Click on the client ID in the top right.
  3. Click on the ‘My Profile’ link.
  4. Check your DP ID starting with 12081600.
  5. This is your CDSL BO ID.