Frequent question: How do I activate my Citi Mobile Token?

You can enable the Citi Mobile® Token in 4 steps: Step 1: Sign on to the Citi Mobile® App. Step 2: Select continue. Step 3: Enter the OTP that will be sent to you via SMS. Step 4: Create your 6-digit Unlock Code.

How do I activate my Citi token?

You can enable the Citi Mobile® Token in 4 steps:

  1. Step 1:Sign on to the Citi Mobile® App.
  2. Step 2:Select “Enable” to continue.
  3. Step 3:Enter your OTP via SMS or Online Security Device for authentication.
  4. Step 4:Create your 6-digit Unlock Code.
  5. You have successfully enabled the Citi Mobile® Token.

How do I activate my OTP for Citibank?

Step 1:Sign on to the Citi Mobile® App. Step 2:Select Continue. Step 3:Enter the OTP that will be sent to you via SMS. If you have an online security device, please generate the OTP through this device.

What is Citimobile token?

What is Citi Mobile® Token? It is a feature within the Citi Mobile® App that authenticates transactions, as an alternative to other authentication methods such as Online Security Device, or SMS One-Time PIN (OTP). You may still use your Online Security Device or SMS OTP to authenticate transactions.

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How can I use mobile token?

In order to activate “Mobile Token”, you need to have a personal Internet Banking account, activate auto-lock function and install the latest version of BOCHK Mobile App on your mobile phone and register a valid mobile number with the Bank.

How do I register for Citibank Mobile App?

1) Launch the Citi Mobile® App on your other mobile device. A screen prompting you to enter your One-Time PIN (OTP) will be displayed when you are performing a transaction / activity that requires an OTP. 2) On your Citi Mobile® Token enabled device, select “Citi Mobile ® Token” on the login screen.

How do I register for Citibank Mobile Banking?

Register your bank account. To download the Citi Mobile® App, text App50 to 692484, or visit the App Store® or Google Play™ Trademark . Not registered for online account access? Tap Register or Activate a Card in the app, or visit to get started.

Can I get OTP on email Citibank?

Additional authentication: A one-time password (OTP) is sent to your registered email or mobile number for performing sensitive transactions like adding payees, updating contact details, and updating KYC / PAN / Passport details.

How can I change my mobile number in Citibank OTP?

Update Your Mobile Number with Citibank

  1. Log in to your Citibank account using your credentials.
  2. Click on the ‘Banking’ or ‘Credit Card’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Update Contact Details’, and click on ‘View/Edit. …
  4. Select your Account/Relationship number.
  5. Click on ‘Generate OTP.

What is Citi identification code?

Citi uses multiple authentication methods to help provide an extra layer of security for certain transactions. The identification code you received is one form of authentication.

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Is mobile token safe?

Mobile Token is a feature within the BOCOM(HK) Mobile App to replaces your physical Security Device by creating a digital version and storing it safely on your mobile. Both provide extra protection for your accounts and transactions.

What is hardware or mobile token?

A hardware token is a small physical device. A software token is a virtual piece of software that is installed on a users electronic device, such as a mobile phone. Both tokens generate a single-use code to use when accessing a platform.

How do you unlock tokens in SCB?

Allow it to switch off by itself. While the token is on and still displaying the Unlock PIN, press the green button once, key in the Temporary PIN and then press the green button once. The token will prompt the user to enter New PIN. Enter the new 8-digit PIN and press the green button once.