How do I find my SAP marketplace s User ID?

How do I find my s user ID in SAP?

Access using super administrator ID and password. Click on the newly created S-user ID under the ‘Requested Users’ tab. Click on ‘Authorizations’ Click on the Edit button (Pencil icon) against ‘Authorizations’

How do I find my marketplace ID in SAP?

To Create a S-User Id, Go to SAP service market place( Login with your S-User ID and Password. `Provide the First Name, Last Name,Location,Phone Number, Email Address of the user and click on submit.

How do I find my SAP user ID and password?

How to reset your S-user password

  1. Go to Forgot My Password.
  2. Enter your S-user ID. …
  3. If an account exists, an e-mail will be sent from SAP ID Service ( to the e-mail address linked to the S-user.
  4. Open the e-mail and click on the password reset link.

What is the use of S user ID in SAP?

An S-User Id is your personal gateway to the SAP Launchpad allowing you to create incidents, request license keys, download software and more.

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How do I get SAP ID?

Choose one of the following ways to create SAP user accounts:

  1. Use the user management of SAP One Support Launchpad. to create S-users.
  2. In a trial account, use self-registration. Register directly at SAP ID Service . Register at SAP Developer Center .

How do I find my SAP username?

Go to T code SU01d and give user id press enter will give you user name.

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What is s user ID and P user ID in SAP?

S user ID: S User ID is a unique number that SAP uses for identification of people on its web portals and databases. For example you need S User ID in order to access SAP support portal or register for SAP certification. … p user ID is personal user ID. P id is to ask question .

What is SAP ID service?

Use SAP ID service, the default platform identity provider and application identity provider of SAP Business Technology Platform.

How do I retrieve my SAP password?


  1. Click the Account Settings icon, and choose Settings Users .
  2. Click the Manage Users tab.
  3. Choose the check box for the user whose password you want to reset, and click Edit.
  4. Perform one of the following actions: Click Reset Password. SAP Ariba sends an email to the user with a link to reset the password.

How do I find my SAP password?

Find the menu more > system > user data, and open it to have access to the SAP password change form. Once in the maintain user profile SAP GUI settings, find the menu more > edit > change password.

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What is SAP universal ID?

SAP Universal ID is a unified account across SAP sites that puts YOU in control by linking all your existing company associations (S/P-user IDs) and switching between them as needed.

What is SAP Service Marketplace?

What is SAP Service Marketplace? … SAP Service Marketplace provides support for business applications, analytics solutions and platform support, including software download, license key requests, customer messages, and the SAP Notes database.

How do I register for SAP support portal?

Launch the SAP License Key Application from this URL, If the URL is not working, please use “google” to search for keyword “sap license key”. 2.