How do I reset my RSA SecurID token PIN?

To reset your PIN, click the ‘troubleshoot’ link next to the appropriate token. You will be taken to the Troubleshoot Your Token page. Select the ‘I forgot my PIN’ option and click OK. Then create a new PIN for the token.

How do I change my RSA token PIN?

Create Your PIN

  1. Open the RSA SecurID app on your device and tap Import Token.
  2. When prompted to enter a password, enter the password that was sent to you through Cornell Secure File Transfer.
  3. When prompted to enter a PIN, enter 0000. …
  4. Use Remote Desktop to connect to this server:

What is my SecurID PIN?

What do I type in the SecurID passcode box/prompt? Your passcode is your PIN + the 6-digit code shown on the token. For example, if your PIN is 8745 and your token is displaying 234836, then your passcode would be 8745234836.

How do I get an RSA PIN?

3. How do I get an RSA token? If you are a NEW VPN user, you will need to enter a Request in the NAMS for an RSA Token, as well as request the JSC/WSTF VPN permissions to be added to your NDC domain account. ACES will notify you by email when your token is available for pick-up from the JSC/WSTF Service Center.

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How do I set up an RSA token on my phone?

On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app. Search for “RSA SecurID Software Token”.

Next time you’re asked for a SecurID passcode:

  1. Open your RSA SecurID Software Token app.
  2. Enter your PIN, then click the arrow button.
  3. Enter the passcode into Online Banking for Business before it expires.

What is RSA PIN in pension?

Your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is a pension account opened with a Pension Fund Administrator of your choice and, during the process; a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is generated. The RSA PIN is a unique identifier for every employee under the CPS and cannot be shared by two individuals.

How do I reinstall my RSA token?


  1. If prompted, check the box on the Accept Terms and conditions screen, tap Continue.
  2. Upon successful token import message, tap OK.
  3. Your token has been imported, and the RSA application opens.

How do I connect my laptop to my RSA token?

On one device (for example, your computer), do the following:

  1. Go to SecurID My Page. …
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Enter your SecurID passcode or password, depending on what you are prompted for.
  4. Complete any additional authentication that you are prompted for.
  5. Select SecurID Authenticate app > Get Started.

What is the SecurID app?

The SecurID Token app features an all-new card-style user interface–designed for improved usability and greater accessibility—that makes it easier than ever for Android users to manage multiple tokens, generate tokencodes, and view token information all in one place.

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How do I activate my token?

Once you are logged in, go to settings and click on the Help menu on your left. Enter your token Identification Number without the hyphen (for example 1234718343) in the space provided and then select “Acknowledge” and click “Continue”. The Identification Number is on a white panel at the back of your token.