How do I use my GTBank token?

You only need to activate your token once and then you can continue to use it forever for your Guaranty Trust Bank online banking as long as you don’t misplace it. To use your token, you only need to press the button on it to generate a unique code each time you want to complete an online transfer.

How do I use transaction tokens?

How To Use Access Bank Token

  1. Either using it through internet banking, Mobile banking, USD code, start the transaction you want to make.
  2. Follow the instructions and enter the necessary details.
  3. Verifying you have entered the correction information.
  4. Kindly enter your token PIN when it’s requested.

Does GTBank token expire?

Hi, Token does not expire but can get damaged if not properly handled.

What is GTBank hardware token?

The GTBank Security Token gives you optimal protection against online thefts, hackers and fraudsters. It is the key that grants you full access to carry out 3rd party transfers and payments online via the GTBank internet banking platform anywhere in the world.

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What is token in money transfer?

What is a Token? This is a small hardware device that the owner carries to authorize access to a network service. You need a Token to process payments online. You can obtain your own Token from any branch of your bank.

How can I see my token?

What to Check When Validating an Access Token

  1. Retrieve and parse your Okta JSON Web Keys (JWK), which should be checked periodically and cached by your application.
  2. Decode the access token, which is in JSON Web Token format.
  3. Verify the signature used to sign the access token.

How do I change my GTBank token to PIN?

Select “Service and help” from the list of options. Look for change “Change Authentication method”. Click on pin. A 5-digit code would be sent to you via SMS, enter it and confirm.

How can I transfer money from GTBank without token?

So, How Do I Transfer Money from GTBank Without Token?

  1. Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# from the mobile number registered with the Bank.
  2. Select recipient’s bank (FBN, Access, Zenith, UBA & DBN).
  3. Enter last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard.
  4. Wait for the transaction to be completed.

How long does token battery last?

Do we need to change its battery? The Token’s battery is expected to last 4 to 6 months and is non-rechargeable. You can visit any Community Centre/Club (CC) to replace your Token when the battery is low. This is indicated by a red blinking light on your Token.

What is token PIN?

Access bank token PIN is a unique personal identification number that is used to authenticate all transactions through your bank account. When you send money from your Access account to another account, you must enter your token PIN to approves the transaction before it can be completed.

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What is my GTB token code?

To generate GTBank token code to finalize your internet or mobile banking transactions, follow the simple steps below;

  1. Dial *737*7# with the phone number that is attached to your GTBank account.
  2. Enter your bank account number.
  3. Now, key in the last 6 digits of your GTBank MasterCard.

How can I get GTBank token code without ATM card?

Dial *737#, then type 10 for PIN, then 2 for Create PIN – No Debit Card, then follow the instruction.

How do I activate my GTBank MasterCard online?

Doing It On-line

  1. Visit any GTBank branch near you and go to the customer’s care desk.
  2. Ask for an “Activation Code” for your ATM card. …
  3. After getting the code, visit the bank’s website @ to activate your ATM card on-line.
  4. Navigate through the page and access the “Internet Banking” tab.

How do I activate my safe token?

How do I register for a safetoken/OTP?

  1. Visit an ATM.
  2. Insert your card.
  3. Select Quickteller.
  4. Select “Pay bills”
  5. Choose your account type.
  6. Select “Others”
  7. Enter 322222 as the payment code.
  8. Enter your phone number as “Customer Reference”

How do I activate soft token?

Steps of soft token activation:

Select soft token activation. Select Activate my soft token. Enter Debit/credit number + pin number + expiry date. OTP will be sent through SMS – Enter the OTP.

How do online banking tokens work?

Bank tokens deliver one-time passcodes (OTP) to authenticate a digital banking user when they are logging in or doing financial transactions. Bank tokens, hard and soft, can be used as part of a two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) process.

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