How do you let players add tokens Roll20?

Yep. Either have the Player send you (the GM) a Link to where they’ve put the token online (They can put it on Photobucket or Imgur or the like, for free)… Or ask them to email the file to you (or send to you on Dropbox).

How do players add tokens in roll20?

You can also choose a token and make in the Character’s default token. Then you just drag the character onto the tabletop to quickly add the token for that character to the game.

What is a token in roll20?

You can assign multiple players to a single Token. If the Token represents a specific Character, then the Token is controlled by the player that has control of the Character which is set in the N Journal. GM always has control over the Tokens in their Game.

Can players resize tokens roll20?

Every token is accompanied by image handles on each of the corners of the token and in the middle of each side. You can use these image handles in order to change the size of the token. … However, by holding the Alt key while using the image handles to resize you can temporarily disable this functionality.

What size are roll20 tokens?

Tokens: 280×280 pixels per “square” in PNG format, regardless of the “in-game” size of the token. At this image size, the token could be as large as 4×4 squares in-game without any issues, and will support zooming in — and it will look good on the Marketplace listings page, as well.

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How does fog of war work in roll20?

The Fog of War will cover up anything on the tabletop, including all tokens, maps, text, and drawings. The only exception is that a player can see any token that he or she has control over. This prevents players from accidentally moving their tokens into a location beneath the fog where only the GM could recover them.

What is a DND token?

D&D tokens or replay tokens are items that are occasionally available from the Treasure Hunter and from the Imperial Guard Quartermaster. When used, they reset entitlements to Distractions and Diversions.

Is Roll20 easy for DM?

IMO, being a DM for Roll20 games is a lot more difficult than running games IRL. Though that’s just the medium, and once you get past the learning curve it’s not too difficult.