How does Fortinet token work?

FortiToken Mobile is an OATH compliant, event-based and time-based one-time password (OTP) generator application for mobile devices. FortiToken Mobile produces its OTP codes in an application that you can download to your Android or iOS mobile device without the need for a physical token.

How do I use the FortiToken cloud?

To configure FortiToken Cloud to a local or remote user using a FortiAuthenticator:

  1. Go to Authentication > User Management > Local Users or Authentication > User Management > Remote Users.
  2. Create a new user, or edit an existing user. …
  3. Enable Password-based authentication and define a password.

How do you send FortiToken?

The certificate code to use for the free trial FortiToken Mobile tokens is 0000-0000-0000-0000-0000.

Registering and provisioning FortiToken Mobile tokens.

Platform Device and Firmware support
iOS iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Firmware version iOS 6.0+

How do I activate my free FortiToken phone?

Technical Note: How to activate FortiToken Mobile trial

  1. Enable authentication if it is required by your server to send email messages. …
  2. Add a user using the wizard, or edit an existing one (step 2.3) …
  3. If the SMTP or SMS server are configured fine, the user will receive an activation code. (
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What is FortiToken cloud?

FortiToken Cloud offers a secure, effective way to manage two-factor authentication for the FortiGate through an easy to understand, intuitive interface that can be accessed from anywhere. … It is easily configured in the FortiGate and does not require you to add or change existing security policies.

What is Fortinet authentication?

FortiAuthenticator is the gatekeeper of authorization into the Fortinet secured enterprise network identifying users, querying access permissions from third party systems, and communicating this information to FortiGate devices for use in Identity-Based Policies.

How long do FortiTokens last?


Battery Lifetime Up to 5 Years / Up to 14000 dynamic passwords
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Water-Resistant IP68 (Ingress Protection)

What is FortiToken mobile used for?

FortiToken Mobile (FTM) is an OATH compliant, event-based and time-based One Time Password (OTP) generator application for the mobile device. It is the client component of Fortinet’s highly secure, simple to use and administer, and extremely cost-effective solution for meeting your strong authentication needs.

How do I transfer FortiToken from one phone to another?

Go to the page User & Authentication > FortiTokens on the new device. Click Create New and input the activation code of the FortiTokens. The tokens would be imported into the new device. Re-provision every user, which means to bind a new token to user’s mobile app again.

How do I use my free FortiToken?

To register FortiToken Mobile from the FortiGate GUI:

  1. Go to User & Device > FortiTokens and click Create New. The New FortiToken dialog appears.
  2. For the Type field, select Mobile Token.
  3. Locate the 20-digit code on the redemption certificate and type it in the Activation Code field.
  4. Click OK.
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How manually install FortiToken?

To manually add a FortiToken to the FortiProxy using the web-based manager:

  1. Go to User & Device > FortiTokens.
  2. Select Create New.
  3. In Type, select Hard Token or Mobile Token.
  4. Enter one or more FortiToken serial numbers (hard token) or activation codes (mobile token).
  5. Select OK.

How do I manually activate FortiToken?

Go to System -> Administrator, create New admin account and enable ‘two factor’. Under Logs&Reports -> Events -> System Events, check the send-activation-code logs and under ‘details’ the activation code is visible. Download and install FortiToken on the mobile. Open the FortiToken application and enter manually.

How do I scan FortiToken?

Open the FortiToken mobile app, and select Scan Barcode. *You may get a prompt to allow the use of your camera, just select Yes or OK. 4. Open the attachment in the activation email that was sent to you and scan the QR code with your phone.

How do I sync FortiToken?

Administrator synchronization

  1. Select the FortiToken to adjust, then select Adjust Drift. The Adjust Token Drift window opens.
  2. Enter the required Time adjustment in minutes. Make sure to include a minus sign (-) for a negative value, but don’t use a plus sign (+) for a positive value.
  3. Select OK to adjust the token drift.

How can I buy FortiTokens?

To Order, Call: 866-661-0973

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  2. Licenses & Renewals.
  3. Access Points.
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