Is a copy of a token a token?

In response to the first question, yes, the copy is a token.

Are copied creatures tokens?

An effect that produces token copies will always produce tokens even if they are copying cards. You will only get 1 copy of that creature, and that copy will still be represented by the Clone card that you have. Copies and Tokens have nothing to do with each other.

Do token copies have abilities?

Token copies enter the battlefield and trigger any relevant abilities. They also trigger any dies or leaves the battlefield triggers when they die, though once in the graveyard they stop existing they still hit the graveyard to trigger those abilities. The token has the abilities of what it copies.

Do token copies have devotion?

A token copy of a card will have the same mana cost as the original, and count the same for devotion. Note that this also means that token copies do also have the same CMC as whatever they are copying, not necessarily zero.

Do token copies have CMC?

Almost all tokens have a CMC of 0, so a newly played Ratchet Bomb can immediately kill them. The exception is tokens that are copies of creatures (via Rite of Replication or Cackling Counterpart, for instance). These tokens will have the same CMC as the creature they’re copying.

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Are all copies tokens?

To add to the other answers, copying a permanent does not copy whether or not the target is a token or a card. Clone, as a card, will always be a card even if it is copying a token. An effect that produces token copies will always produce tokens even if they are copying cards.

Can you copy a copy of a spell?

To copy a spell, activated ability, or triggered ability means to put a copy of it onto the stack; a copy of a spell isn’t cast and a copy of an activated ability isn’t activated. … A copy of a spell is itself a spell, even though it has no spell card associated with it.

Are tokens permanents?

Yes, tokens on the battlefield are permanents.

Do tokens count as creatures?

Yes. It is a creature and can be targeted by Hour of Need. However, it is not a creature card. So it can’t exist anywhere but the battlefield.

Are tokens put into the graveyard?

A: Tokens go to the graveyard as regular creatures, and are removed as a “state-based effect” when a player gets priority again. They stay in the graveyard long enough to trigger abilities, like the one of Soulcatchers’ Aerie, before they are removed.

What is the CMC of a copy?

Mana cost is a copiable value. The copy will have the same CMC as whatever it’s copying.

Do tokens have summoning sickness?

Simple as that. Token, copy, regular creature, you name it, it has summoning sickness if it doesn’t have haste.

Do token creatures count for devotion?

Do tokens count toward devotion? Normal tokens have no mana cost, so they won’t count. Now if you use something like Fated Infatuation to make a token of a creature, that token will count toward Devoted in the same way that the original card did.

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Are tokens considered 0 mana?

A token doesn’t have any characteristics not defined by the spell or ability that created it. Example: Sprout is an instant that says “Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token onto the battlefield.” The resulting token has no mana cost, supertype, expansion symbol, rules text, or abilities.

Do tokens copy mana cost?

202.3a: The converted mana cost of an object with no mana cost is 0. If a token is a copy of another permanent or card, then it has all of the characteristics of the original, including its mana cost. So, it’s converted mana cost is the same as the converted mana cost of the original permanent.

Are tokens odd or even MTG?

tokens/lark: once again, odd. most of their obnoxious stuff is tokens, and those are even. best to turn chumps sideways.