What are the three examples of factors required for multi factor authentication?

What is an example of 3 factor authentication?

Three-factor authentication – in addition to the previous two factors, the third factor is “something a user is.” Examples of a third factor are all biometric such as the user’s voice, hand configuration, a fingerprint, a retina scan or similar.

What are the three types of multi-factor authentication?

Three Main Types of MFA Authentication Methods

  • Things you know (knowledge), such as a password or PIN.
  • Things you have (possession), such as a badge or smartphone.
  • Things you are (inherence), such as a biometric like fingerprints or voice recognition.

What factors are typically required for multi-factor authentication?

The authentication factors of a multi-factor authentication scheme may include:

  • Something the user has: Any physical object in the possession of the user, such as a security token (USB stick), a bank card, a key, etc.
  • Something the user knows: Certain knowledge only known to the user, such as a password, PIN, TAN, etc.

Which of the following is an example of multi-factor authentication?

Of the alternatives given, only smart card plus PIN is an example of multi-factor authentication. A smart card is something you have; a PIN is something you know. Passwords are also something you know, so password plus PIN is still only one factor authentication.

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Which of the following methods are an example of multi-factor authentication?

A multi-factor authentication example of something the user has could include: Google Authenticator (an app on your phone). SMS text message with a code. Soft token (also called software token).

Which of the following is an example of two-factor authentication quizlet?

Smart cards and biometrics is an example of two-factor authentication.

What does the term multi-factor authentication mean?


An authentication system that requires more than one distinct authentication factor for successful authentication. Multifactor authentication can be performed using a multifactor authenticator or by a combination of authenticators that provide different factors.